Functional Nutritional Therapy

I'll help you investigate whether poor diet, poor digestion, digestive infections, food sensitivities, stress or sugar handling imbalances are causing or contributing to your health challenges.

If you need help upgrading your diet, or if you've tried every wholesome diet out there and are ready for further investigation and support, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute introductory phone call to discuss.  Are you struggling through each day exhausted, in pain, inflamed, anxious, depressed? Do you suffer with digestive discomfort, out of control sugar cravings, hypo or hyper-glycemia, joint pain, food sensitivities, hives, headaches, PMS, hot flashes, constant hunger, or other unexplained symptoms? Are you too tired to prepare wholesome nourishing foods or simply don't know how to fit it into your life? I will help you analyze your symptoms and balance your systems (in your body and your life) to overcome these issues and feel like your awesome, amazing, beautiful, vibrant self. 

Work with Me!

Here are the ways we can work together on the path to better health.


Nutritional Therapy Basics FREE Mini-Course is Launching Soon. Sign up to be notified about this 4-week mini-dive into diversifying your diet, improving digestion, hydrating for health and detoxifying your life. 



We offer 6-month Functional Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy  packages. Includes food journal review, diet upgrade, symptom analysis, sugar balancing, food sensitivities, digestion, lab tests,  microbiome, supplements.



Your hub for finding and ordering the best quality food, essential oils and supplements. Order online and have it delivered right to your door. Don't get caught with an empty pantry again! You'll love having goodies on hand.


Ask me anything!

I'll respond with a personal answer.

You're looking for answers and you want to know if I have them. Maybe you are wondering what the perfect diet for you is and you want a fad-free answer. Maybe you have new or persistent health problems and you think nutritional therapy could help. Ask me your most pressing nutrition question and I will respond to you with a personal answer. 

Free Exploratory Call

Schedule your FREE 30 minute phone chat with Liz. This is a free getting to know each other phone call to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you. If you're curious, make an appointment. Schedule your free initial phone call to learn more.

Make Veggies Easy!

My no-fail tips for eating loads of wholesome vegetables! Wash and chop all of your produce as soon as you bring it home from the market. Enjoy my video for details about how to make this a weekly fun and Easy part your life!

"Can I just say I LOVE working with you!!!! So knowledgeable and fun!!"


"In my work with Liz Morgan Nutrition, I learned that there is always hope for growth and renewing the body and mind. I have learned that I am the only one that can decide what I want in life. Liz Morgan is wonderful! She is very smart and kind and cares a lot about me and my journey. I really am just starting out on this nutritional journey and need her expertise. I am thankful for Liz and trust her."


"I was very impressed with Liz's knowledge. The science hit me hard and Liz explained it well. I feel that I had an awakening. I now look at my body as an ecosystem needing repair. I will continue to pay attention and learn more rather than causing my body more harmful damage. "


"I learned how to stay healthy for life and had major shifts in my body. I feel so much better with less joint pain and creaks, and my nails and oily skin are much improved. Some mysterious health issues I had for years disappeared and were confirmed to be resolved by my medical doctor with lab testing. I now enjoy using good fats and oils, eating breakfast salads and I understand how sugar affects my cells, joints and arteries. "


"This was so much more fun that I expected it to be."


"I finally found a practitioner who could help me explore the root causes of my biggest concerns. Liz creates space for her clients that encourages honest conversation about what’s happening in your body. Liz brought to light parts of my health history from years ago that I hadn’t identified as still disrupting my ability to feel well. It was so helpful to have what I’d been experiencing for years finally taken seriously. "


"In the beginning, I was not thrilled with this work. It was very new to me. But after a few sessions I have grown to really like working with Liz. I am more aware and not eating mindlessly anymore. I am experiencing how my blood sugar responds better when I eat well-rounded meals instead of sugary snacks. "


"I am enjoying the online course because it is challenging me so much. This week has been hard as I’ve been working on the road and living in hotels so finding good food has been a challenge. For a late night, on the road meal I would normally grab sugary snacks from a service station. This week, I managed to find raw veggies, eggs and nuts instead. I really enjoyed eating real food and felt great about it! I have started noticing the differences in how food makes me feel."


"The MRT food sensitivity test illuminated my food triggers. The best part was that it really opened my eyes to so many different, wonderful foods that I had not been eating. It helped me not only reduce inflammation and continue with my healing process, but got me out of my food rut. "


"Working with Liz this past year has been wonderful. I have always been an active, relatively healthy individual but found myself faced with some health issues this past fall. After extensive blood work and some negative results I realized I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I began working with Liz to improve my diet and manage stress. Within a few months I began to experience positive results. In addition to feeling better and having more energy, my blood work completely normalized. I would recommend working with Liz to anyone who wants to live a healthier, fuller life and feel their best."


"I began working with Liz Morgan Nutrition in the spring of 2018 with the intention of ‘tuning up’ my health for optimal energy as I look forward to continuing an active lifestyle.  Liz was extremely detail oriented and had me doing all manner of tests, dietary changes and a supplement regime and very soon, I was seeing some real results in the quality of my sleep, energy level and digestion.  The biggest improvement was with my allergies.  After a lifetime of suffering debilitating summer allergies, through dietary coaching, I finally experienced a summer season without being made sick by grasses and cottonwood trees!  The improvement was unexpected and the dietary and lifestyle changes were easy to manage with Liz’s coaching.  I completely recommend Liz to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their own health and nutrition."


"Working with Liz has been wonderful! Diet and nutrition is something that I’ve always been interested in (and somewhat self studied). I felt like I ate fairly healthy, but I was always tired, and didn’t have very good digestion. Liz was able to really identify my personal needs, from digestive issues to vital nutrients I was deficient in, and outline the specific steps I needed to take to get my digestion (and life) back on line & operating optimally!"


"I have been working with Liz since November of 2018. I was dealing with a problem with AFib, and also just not feeling great. I decided to go with the comprehensive package, and am very glad I did. We have discovered that there are many dietary things that will make a difference in my future health. Without the nutritional expertise of Liz Morgan, I would never have known that dietary changes would make such a difference. Tests have indicated sensitivity to many foods, and I am working with Liz to improve my daily dietary habits to incorporate lots of healthy, fresh veggies, and eliminating those problem foods."


Exhaustion e-book

Learn why you are so tired all the time!

Discover the root causes of your exhaustion, how to overcome it and how to regain your energy, zest and participate with joy in your life again.

This FREE E-BOOK was prepared by Liz Morgan Nutrition in collaboration with a team Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. We all know that our clients are exhausted! But why? This free book dives into the many interrelated reasons WHY you are so tired. Explore what might be triggering your exhaustion - from food sensitivities to sugar handling imbalances. From malnutrition to circadian rhythm disturbances, stress and detoxification impairments, and much more! 

If you're done walking around like a zombie, desperate for caffeine and never feeling like you can catch up on sleep and rest, you're sure to be inspired by this e-book on the root causes of exhaustion. 


Timeless articles to help you cut through the fads and truly understand the needs of your body systems.

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