My goal is to help you experience real change, not just throw nutrition advice at you. 

Functional Approach to Healing

I'll help you investigate whether poor diet, poor digestion, digestive infections, food sensitivities, stress or sugar handling imbalances are causing or contributing to your health problems. 

I love guiding my clients to develop a more interesting & interactive relationship with their bodies and their food. Experience how easy it is to take wholesome actions in your life that will result in feeling more vibrant and alive. Imagine being able to control how you feel. It's empowering to finally know how to take care of yourself in a way that works! It's not about following fads which can be so hectic and extreme. It's about actually getting to know yourself on a whole new level, learning what you actually need to be your true, awesome, vibrant self. It is quite likely that your health challenges stem from an imbalanced microbiome, poor diet, poor digestion, inflammation, or some other identifiable and fixable issue. You don't need to keep struggling alone without the right answers. Working with me you will experience deep insight into how your issues are connected and how to overcome them. 


It is very much possible to recalibrate our bodies. If things seem to be breaking down and falling apart, don't blame it on getting older, genetics, or whatever the excuse. Instead, take charge! Let's investigate further, support impaired body systems and unleash your body's amazing ability to heal itself. Remove stressors like poor diet, toxic food additives, inflammatory foods, imbalanced nutrient ratios, and gut infections. Replace with the nourishment and rest the body needs to heal. 


Conditions Supported

Adrenal function
Autoimmune disorders  
Balanced diet
Binge eating
Brain fog
Diet for specific health issues
Fatigue and Exhaustion
Thyroid problems
Feeling hungry all the time
Food Sensitives
Gut infections
Headaches & Migraines
Hormonal: PMS, Menopausal symptoms
Hypo/Hyper glycemia
Joint pain
Liver function
Muscle weakness
Prediabetes and Diabetes
Junk food addiction
Skin issues: Acne, hives, rashes
Sleep and Insomnia
Wired & Tired
Stuck weight no matter what you do
Sugar cravings
Sugar handling
Weight gain


Nutritional Therapy Monthly

Diet/Digestion/Blood Sugar/Inflammation

Learn what style of eating works for you and how to gracefully achieve it.

  • Analyze food journals
  • Therapeutic diet strategies

Learn the language of your body:

  • Recognize symptoms & understand what they mean
  • Learn your triggers

Reduce inflammation

  • Identify sources & causes of inflammation 

Improve digestion

  • Learn what causes poor digestion 
  • Eat in an atmosphere to support digestion
  • Eat food to support digestion
  • Heal and seal the digestive tract
  • Balance microbiome

Balance blood sugar

  • Eliminate cravings and Binge eating
  • Get off the path towards diabetes

Address chronic pain

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Digestive pain

Improve Mood & Brain function

  • Address anxiety, depression & attention issues
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Improve feelings of joy and connection

Manage Stress

  • Identify sources of stress like malnourishment, poor digestion, sugar, pain, toxic exposure and lack of structure 


  • Support your body’s healing needs in the right order
  • Small, doable action steps 


  • Targeted professional supplement recommendations 
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Comprehensive Healing Package

Digestion & Food Sensitivity Deep Dive
State-of-the-art lab testing

When diet and lifestyle upgrades alone aren't enough, it's time for further investigation.

This package offers comprehensive lab testing of the digestive system and food sensitivities.

Cutting edge strategies to heal the digestive system, calm food reactions and improve chronic health issues. 

Do you have chronic health issues? Your gut may be at fault. You can improve your health and manage chronic conditions by working with a wellness program that includes insightful diagnostic testing, lifestyle changes, and quality nutraceuticals.

This package offers the state-of-the-art GI MAP digestive health analysis, along with the MRT Food Sensitivity test, and personalized protocols. This is a powerhouse of a package aimed to: 

  • Identify & address gut infections
  • Identify & address hidden food sensitivities causing inflammation
  • Calm autoimmune response
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve digestion
  • Restore the microbiome
  • Calm the adrenal stress response
  • Improve sugar handling and reduce sugar binges 
  • Improve skin
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Eliminate allergic type reactions
  • Support the body's built in detoxification system
  • Guide you in your journey with therapeutic diets
  • Targeted supplement recommendations
  • Professional, compassionate, personalized support every step of the way
  • Short-term healing for long-term health
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