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Your first session is the Initial Investigation. Book it here!

Initial Health Investigation

Our first session is a 90 minute deep dive in to your health history, current issues, symptom and food journal analysis. If you are seeking support with your chronic health conditions, this is the place to start! We begin to prioritize strategies for the next 3-6 months. ($300)

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...Or Start With Our DIY Online Program

Master the foundations of nutritional healing with our online program. Understand and honor the true needs of your body whether you suffer with digestive or sugar handling issues, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain or mysterious and persistent symptoms, the Nourish + Flow system is the place to start.

Nourish + Flow: WISDOM

The wisdom of deep knowing inspires and motivates us into life changing action. Welcome to your new role as a loving + wise caretaker of your own body. ($597)

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1:1 Programs & Packages

These programs offer a high level of personalized investigation and support. 

Digestive Healing

Digestion is essential  for good health. Oftentimes, poor digestion is at the root of spiraling health conditions or unexplained symptoms. Gold standard testing and powerful protocols to rebalance and heal your digestive system. Calm down inflammation. Includes the GI MAP digestive health test and the MRT food sensitivity test. 4 months support. Includes 6 sessions over 4 months & unlimited email support. ($3,200)

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Functional Blood Chemistry

Recommended as a yearly check-up. If you haven't received a functional analysis of your blood markers, you are in for a treat. This deep dive will reveal more than your typical blood labs because we order many additional markers and conduct a deep functional analysis. Includes 3 private sessions over 3 months & unlimited email support. ($600)

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Comprehensive Deep Healing 

This is the big one. You're done dabbling and you are ready for 6 months of intensive focus and healing protocols. In this full systems approach, we support digestion, energy systems, sugar handling systems, inflammation, stress, sleep, and we support you as a person as you embrace the changes needed to create more stability. Includes 3 lab tests. ($4,700).

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Food Sensitivity Package

The MRT is a food sensitivity test that helps us identify foods causing inflammation and negative reactions in your body. Gain more food freedom rather than having every meal cause mysterious discomfort and inflammation. ($1,200)

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Single Sessions

After completing one of the programs above, clients are welcome to book single sessions as needed. 

Single Session

Need a check in? Let's make it happen! Book a 60-minute session here. ($150)


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Know you'll want to meet with us at least 4 times in the next year? Book a 4-pack now! Save $200 compared to booking 4 single sessions alone. ($400)


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Sign up for a weekly intention setting worksheet. A weekly check in can make all the difference! Option for personal email chat with me about your goals and intentions. I'm here with you. ~ Liz Morgan