Step Into Your Power Through Nutritional Healing 

Nourishment, not deprivation, supports the body's built in power to heal. Our too cause investigation will show you exactly what's imbalanced and you will be empowered to understand what you can do about it. 

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Private Packages

Enroll in one of our comprehensive healing programs. If you've been struggling for too long and not getting the answers you're looking for, we can help! We'll identify underlying, root causes contributing to your health issues. Whether it's missing nutrients, imbalanced nutrients, toxic exposure, or hidden infections, you're in the right place. We will support you to remove these instigators, nourish yourself deeply and bring about balance and ease.  

Deep healing and resolution of your chronic issues is our goal. Our services are designed for deeper understanding about what's causing your health challenges and full support so that you can heal.

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Initial Health Investigation

Our first session is a 90 minute deep dive in to your health history, current issues, symptom and food journal analysis. If you are seeking support with your chronic health conditions, this is the place to start! We begin to prioritize strategies for the 3-6 months. ($300)

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Nourish + Flow Program

Are you ready to move beyond frenzied short-term diets and build lasting strategies that will serve you for years to come? Are you ready to find ease and flow in your food life so that your beautiful body and brain can heal and thrive? ($597).

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Food Sensitivity Package

The MRT is a food sensitivity test that helps us identify foods causing inflammation and negative reactions in your body. Gain more food freedom rather than having every meal cause mysterious discomfort and inflammation. ($1,200)

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Blood Sugar Balancing 

This 4 month deep healing package is appropriate for those with pre-diabetes diabetes and hypoglycemia. ($3,600)

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Digestive Deep Healing 

This 6 month deep healing package includes the GI MAP digestive function and microbiome balance test, the MRT food inflammation and sensitivity test AND a comprehensive Blood Chemistry test with functional analysis. ($5,000). Learn More.

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DIY Programs 

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We will soon be releasing Do-It-Yourself programs to support you in  digestion, sugar handing, and food flow. 

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