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Initial Health Investigation

Our first session is a 90 minute deep dive in to your health history, current issues, symptom and food journal analysis. If you are seeking support with your chronic health conditions, this is the place to start! We begin to prioritize strategies for the 3-6 months. If you're not sure where to start. ($300)

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Private Services & Packages

Comprehensive Deep Healing 

This is the big one. You're done dabbling and you are ready for 6 months of intensive focus and healing protocols. In this full systems approach, we support digestion, energy systems, sugar handling systems, inflammation, stress, sleep, and we support you as a person as you embrace the changes needed to create more stability. Includes 3 lab tests. ($4,700).

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Dietary Reset

Are you stuck in a dietary rut? Do you rely too heavily on the same foods over and over again? This package includes 2 months of support to analyze and diversify your diet so that you are more deeply nourished. Calm down cravings and inflammation, improve digestion, feed the microbiome, balance sugar systems and hormones. Month one is education and experimentation. Month 2 is a more intensive reset tailored to your goals. Weekly meetings. ($1,200)

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Functional Blood Chemistry

Recommended as a yearly check-up. Your doctor tells you when you have a diagnosis. We show you when you are on your way to a serious health condition and provide the tools to reverse the trajectory. ($600)

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Food Sensitivity Package

The MRT is a food sensitivity test that helps us identify foods causing inflammation and negative reactions in your body. Gain more food freedom rather than having every meal cause mysterious discomfort and inflammation. ($1,200)

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DIY Online Programs

Master the foundations of nutritional healing with our online programs. We combine up to date nutritional science with actions for you to take each week. take control of your health and learn to manage your chronic conditions by improving your food flow from purchase to preparation and transforming the culture of food in your home. Understand and honor the true needs of you body whether you suffer with digestive or sugar handling issues, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain or mysterious and persistent symptoms, Nourish + Flow system is ht place to start.


Nourish + Flow: Reset

Are you ready to move beyond frenzied short-term diets and build lasting strategies that will serve you for years to come? Are you ready to find ease and flow in your food life so that your beautiful body and brain can heal and thrive? Join RESET if you are ready for a clean eating dietary reset first. ($149)

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Nourish + Flow: Wisdom

By understanding how the body systems work, and how they interact with food and their environment, we can each take charge of our bodies and our health. If you’re ready to enter into a more  loving relationship with your own body, if you are ready to understand and honor its needs, this program is for you. ($297)

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