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Start with either a Health Investigation Session or with our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) online program. Two powerful ways to begin working with us. Are you ready to turn your health around once and for all? Are you ready to become a loving and wise caretaker of your own body? Book it here!


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Initial Health Investigation


  • Our first private session is a 90 minute deep dive into your health history, current issues, symptom, food journal analysis and health goals.
  • Prioritize strategies for the next 3-6 months.
  • Discuss what testing, food, supplement or lifestyle upgrades will serve you best.

If you are seeking personalized support with your chronic health conditions, this is the place to start!

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At Your Own Pace.

Nourish + Flow: WISDOM


  • Learn to nourish yourself deeply to regain your health and your spark.
  • A self-paced deep dive into understanding and honoring the built-in healing wisdom of your body. 
  • Learn how food, digestion, stress, sugar and toxic exposure control our physical and mental health. 
  • A fad-free system for deep nourishment.

We usually gain wisdom by learning it the hard way. Let me make it easier for you!

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Understand and honor the needs of your body. Become a wise and loving caretaker of your own body and brain. Develop a more joyful and reciprocal relationship with food. Your body is not your enemy! Unleash the true, powerful, elegant, resilient you! 

Personalized support!

3-Months to Wisdom


  • Gain wisdom about how your body systems work.
  • Learn how food, digestion, stress, sugar handling and toxic exposure control our physical and mental health. 
  • A fad-free approach to deep nourishment.
  • Understand and honor the needs and priorities of your body.
  • Cultivate a nourishing and joyful
  • relationship with food.
  • Includes the Nourish + Flow: Wisdom program.

You don't have to figure it out alone. The caring support system you are looking for. 

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Includes 3 lab tests!

6-Month Digestive Deep Healing


  • Learn how broken digestion is the root cause of spiraling health issues.
  • Resolve and calm digestive distress.
  • Become more deeply nourished.
  • Clear brain fog and feel at ease in your body.
  • Identify and balance digestive infections.
  • Identify and calm inflammation and food sensitivities. 

This is a deeply supportive program specifically geared to in-depth investigations and analysis and deep healing.

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Great for a yearly check-up and fine tuning your health. 

Functional Blood Chemistry

Recommended as a yearly check-in. Your doctor tells you when you have a diagnosis. We show you when you are on your way to a serious health condition and provide the tools to reverse the trajectory. ($600)

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Food Sensitivity Package

The MRT is a food sensitivity test that helps us identify foods causing inflammation and negative reactions in your body. Gain more food freedom rather than having every meal cause mysterious discomfort and inflammation. ($1,200)

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Demystify food allergy requests.

Restaurant Owners 

Are you overwhelmed and annoyed with all the food allergy requests at your restaurant? Does it take up way too much staff time? I can make it easy for you and your staff to understand and meet the needs of your customers with less stress and in far less time.

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Returning Clients 

Single sessions and private session 4-packs are available for returning clients. If we've already worked together and you just need a check-in or a retest on one of the labs, go to your Client Resources page to book, or contact me for assistance. 

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