Before becoming a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, Liz was an anthropologist and a lawyer with a Masters degree in environmental policy. She has spent 25+ years focused on understanding what a healthy, thriving culture looks like, how to construct one, and what it feels like to live inside of one.

The fundamental, not negotiable, foundation of a healthy society is, without doubt a healthy food system. Liz defines a healthy food system as one that makes people and ecosystems healthy.

It is clear that the current American and global food systems do neither. It is clear the necessary foundation for a thriving society is crumbling and that is why we are experiencing the dramatic decline in health of our national and global population.

Our current food system bombards humans and ecosystems with toxic chemicals while depleting soils and human bodies of the vital and abundant nutrients we need.

Both humans and the ecosystems need a great healing. Our society needs a great healing. We need a regenerative food system to heal ourselves, and our planet. 

With a modern, evidence based, and ancestry informed, grounding in functional nutrition, Liz guides groups and private clients into their own healing. In guiding people into greater personal healing, Liz believes we are all participating in a greater cultural transformation, and a rethinking of our larger food system and food culture.

Step into the abundant, delicious  world of wholesome and natural foods with Liz Morgan Nutrition and be part of the food culture revolution.


You don't have to do it alone.  

Liz Morgan, MA, FNTP, RWP, JD

Liz is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Liz Morgan Nutrition. She offers tele-wellness sessions and works with private clients nationwide.

Liz is the creator of the Nourish + Flow program and supports a network of nutrition professionals who use the program with their clients and support groups.  

Liz is a graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association, Restorative Wellness Solutions, and has studied with the Kharrazian Institute.

Liz is the creator of a private Facebook group of over 1700 Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. 

Liz studied anthropology at Colgate University where she investigated ancient food systems and what it takes for cultures to thrive on this earth. Liz studied environmental law & policy at Vermont Law School where she focused on food systems and food security.

Liz was a wilderness guide and helped people access their deep connection to nature. She is also a wild food enthusiast and author of a Falcon guide, Foraging the Rockies.

Liz resides in the mountains of Colorado and is a yogi, a skier, a sustainability activist, and a political buff. 

Liz combines her passion for sustainable food systems with calm, meaningful personal change to help her clients thrive. 

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