I can't imagine not being a nutritional therapy practitioner. I spent so many years knowing I wanted to create transformation in the food system, and in people's relationship with food and nature. I wanted to help people settle into a more connected relationship with nourishment, nature and their true, real selves.

This did not lead to an obvious career path.

This is the sort of thing that people did not yet know they needed. And I didn't have the words to sell or explain it. But I think now we are ready to see this and confront it and reconnect.

I believe we humans have a place on earth and our sacred duty is to tend the life of planet earth with love and compassion. I believe we must tend ourselves with love and compassion so that we can learn to tend others: the plants and the animals. We are the only ones who can do this work. Our place is as caregivers of the life of earth, and our work has never been more urgent.

We must learn to care for ourselves so that we understand what humanity needs. Then, we must transform our society into one that supports healthy thriving humans and healthy thriving ecosystems. 

I know that by combining the fascinating, empowering knowledge of modern science with the clinical successes of functional nutrition, we can learn to improve our own physical and mental health. There is an art to caring for ourselves in accordance with the needs of our bodies and the earth.

I know that by learning, practicing and honoring the food traditions of our ancestors, we can gain a renewed connection to our lost instincts for survival - without which, we feel empty and lost.

What I didn't know was that in my quest to do this, to regenerate the health of people and of ecosystems, I would discover how much I needed saving and healing too.

Though I thought of myself as tough and invincible, I had struggled with physical and mental health challenges for decades. I didn't realize that, as a product of my culture, I needed to heal

...from things that I hadn't even realized weren't normal.

I thought we were all in pain, and anxious and depressed and exhausted. I thought we all had bad memories and uncontrollable cravings. I thought life was struggle and this was the best it got and I should just keep pushing through forever.

I was wrong. I was just living in a false matrix and my expectations were too low.

What I have discovered on my quest, is that our bodies have an insatiable drive to heal. That we adjust to imbalance elegantly (we are elegant creatures) but that we're far, far better off if we don't become complacent about dysfunction.

I have discovered that we need to learn to identify imbalances when we experience them. That we are complex chemical machines with immutable needs. That if those needs are not met, we crumble.

I have learned that we are delicate. And resilient. I have learned that if we can listen to what our body is saying to us, and honor its needs, we can experience life in a renewed, more full and joyous and connected way.

My work is to support people who have high hopes for a more connected and balanced life. People who believe food matters, and listening to our bodies matters.

I did it alone for too long. Now I am here to support you on your nutritional empowerment journey.

You don't have to do it alone.  

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Liz Morgan, MA, FNTP, RWP, JD

Liz is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Liz Morgan Nutrition. She offers tele-wellness sessions and works with private clients nationwide.

Liz is the creator of the Nourish + Flow program and supports a network of nutrition professionals who use the program with their clients and support groups.  

Liz is a graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association and Restorative Wellness Solutions.

Liz is the creator of a private Facebook group of over 1700 Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. 

Liz studied anthropology at Colgate University where she investigated ancient food systems and what it takes for cultures to thrive on this earth. Liz studied environmental law & policy at Vermont Law School where she focused on food systems and food security.

Liz was a wilderness guide and helped people access their deep connection to nature. She is also a wild food enthusiast and author of a Falcon guide, Foraging the Rockies.

Liz resides in the mountains of Colorado and is a yogi, a skier, a sustainability activist, and a political buff. 

Liz combines her passion for sustainable food systems with calm, meaningful personal change to help her clients thrive. 

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