Digestive Healing Specialists of the High Rockies

We are a functional nutrition, tele-wellness clinic serving clients in Colorado and nationwide.


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Whether you start with our do-it-yourself online courses, our Initial Health Investigation, or our Digestive Deep Healing Jump-start, we are here to support and guide you through the healing process. We work with all genders, teenagers and up. For the ladies, if you are interested in joining our Women's Circle, we'd love to have you! 

Our Most Powerful Private Package

Digestive Deep Healing 

1:1 functional nutrition support.

This power-packed program includes lab tests, deep investigation and food, supplement, mindset and lifestyle healing protocols. We will create the plan for the next powerful, life-changing steps in your healing journey. Investigate, analyze, create priorities and a plan for the next 6 months. 

  • Learn how broken digestion is the root cause of spiraling health issues.
  • Resolve and calm digestive distress.
  • Identify and balance digestive infections.
  • Identify and calm inflammation and food sensitivities. 

In-depth investigations, analysis and preparation for deep healing. Digestion, Food sensitivities, functional blood panel analysis, and more. 

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Functional Nutrition to meet your Bioindividual needs

Become a Client

1:1 functional nutrition support.

It's amazing how much recovery can happen when we create a more wholesome and balanced diet, heal the digestive system, and balance the blood sugar handling systems. These are the foundational, root cause imbalances that I see so often.

  • Your first private session is a 90 minute deep dive into your health history, current issues, symptoms, food journal analysis and health goals.
  • Discuss what type of support will serve you best moving forward.
  • Discuss food, supplements, lifestyle, stress, toxic exposure, supplements and lab testing.
  • Investigate what factors are driving your health challenges and find out what you can do to stabilize. 
  • A kind, caring support system every step of the way.

Gain a new understanding about what might be possible for you. 


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Women's Circle 

Join the group for personal and planetary healing!

  • Live virtual monthly meeting.
  • Health & wellness support system.
  • Personal Healing
  • Planetary Healing
  • Food Culture healing
  • Group Projects & Challenges
  • Access to your own functional nutritionist.
  • Bring a friend.
  • Annual membership bonuses.

Food is meant to be shared, joyous and comforting. Food is meant to be a force for good in this world. Sadly, the current food system is stressful and broken. I invite you to join me to reclaim a Food Culture that we love, that we are proud to pass on to our kids, and that deeply heals people and planet.

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Self-paced programs

Online Courses

Body Wisdom & Food Wisdom

  • Understand your body, what it needs, and how to meet those needs gracefully. 
  • A kind, caring, step-by-step program to transform your relationship with food and your own body.
  • Gain food confidence.
  • Learn how sugar, stress, toxic exposure and hydration impact digestive health and function.
  • Rise above the food fad frenzy and create lifelong tools and understanding for delicious, nourishment to meet you specific needs. 

Learn how to transform your relationship with food and your own body. A decadent and joyful exploration into supporting the healing needs of your body.  




Hi! I'm Liz! I'm a Functional Nutritionist, a Digestive Healing Specialist and a Food Culture Transitionista. I look forward to supporting you to heal your digestive struggles, unleash more vibrant health, and guide you to become a more wise and loving caretaker of your own body and the earth. 

We approach nutritional healing with root cause investigation and deep functional analysis of your diet, lifestyle, toxic exposure, stress levels and through our comprehensive panel of lab testing. We offer a kind, caring and comprehensive support system as you move through your healing journey.  

We also approach deep healing from a human AND an ecosystem perspective. Our clients are eager to heal their own bodies, and to engage with food in a way that transforms the food culture into one that is delicious, decadent, joyful and deeply healing for People & Planet. Our clients choose us for our digestive expertise and for our leadership towards a more wholesome Food Culture to reverse the social environmental chaos our society and planet face.

We will guide you to honor the needs of your own body while also participating in a new, better and more deeply healing food culture in your home, community and globally.  

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