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What to eat for personal and planetary health.

My mission is to transform the food culture into one that makes people and ecosystems healthy and vibrant. Decadent, delicious solutions that heal us and heal the earth. Together, we will understand and honor the needs of our own bodies, transform the food culture, sequester carbon, and restore ecosystems. 


Hi! I'm Liz! My clients come to me seeking help with a wide array of health concerns. They can't stabilize their weight. They have terrible digestive issues. Their blood sugar is out of balance. They can't control their binge eating. They break out in hives or have developed asthma. Food sensitivities. Chemical sensitivities. They're exhausted all the time. They can't sleep. They have immense stress. They want help recovering from surgery. They have allergies. They can't think straight. They are depressed. They have joint pain or muscle pain. Their belly hurts from eating. They have fatty liver or prediabetes. They are accumulating serious medical diagnoses and they feel like their health and their life is spiraling out of control. 

It's amazing how much recovery can happen when we create a more wholesome and balanced diet, heal the digestive system, and balance the blood sugar handling systems.

These are the foundational, root cause imbalances that I see so often.

Using this approach I have helped clients have pain free periods, eliminate reflux, stabilize their weight, reduce cravings, reduce chemical sensitivity, avoid medications, normalize cholesterol levels, normalize bowel movements, eliminate candida and H.pylori, and so much more!

Are you ready to feel nourished and in control of your body, mind and life?

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We offer private sessions, DIY courses and live workshops! All are steps along the beautiful, life-long journey of empowerment around our health, trusting and loving our bodies, and in participating in a regenerative food system that heals people and the planet! Let's get started!

Self-paced programs

Wisdom Series

Rise above the food fad frenzy.

  • Understand your body, what it needs, and how to meet those needs gracefully. 
  • A kind, caring, step-by-step program to transform your relationship with food and your own body.
  • Gain food confidence.
  • Support a regenerative, climate friendly, and humane food system.
  • Detoxify your bath and body products.

Learn how to transform your relationship with food and your own body. A decadent and joyful exploration into supporting the healing needs of your body.  


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Heal the Food Culture!

Live Workshops

Book for your yoga studio or community group. 

  • Live virtual and in-person workshops.
  • Embodied Digestion Exercise.
  • Learn to heal your own body and the planet with wise food choices.
  • Community projects to support a wholesome, regenerative, local food system in your community.
  • Celebrate the human-earth responsibility and reciprocity. 

2022 is my year to do workshops at yoga studios across the US. Embodied Digestion workshops include a community-focused project to support a healthy, healing Food Culture. 

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Private Packages

Personal Healing

1:1 functional nutrition support. Investigate and rebalance.  

  • One-on-one sessions with your private, functional nutritionist.
  • Supported transformation on your nutritional healing journey. 
  • Understand the root causes of your chronic health challenges.
  • Gain wisdom about what your body and brain need to function well.
  • Support your own health, stability and empowerment.

Do you suffer with chronic pain or problems with digestion, blood sugar, inflammation, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, liver health, hormones, weight, headaches, or insomnia? 

Can we help?


Investigate the root causes of your health challenges and find out what's blocking you from improved physical or mental stability. Uncover and address the mysteries of your chronic health conditions. Functional lab testing and symptom analysis.      


Unleash your body’s natural ability to heal. Powerful rebalancing protocols will unleash the body's built in wisdom to heal. Overcome digestive imbalances and sugar handling swings. Give yourself the ability navigate life’s ups and downs with more ease. 


Support a food system that heals people and the planet. Wholesome and delicious food strategies to eat responsibly in the era of climate change. Transform the food culture  to one that supports renewal and vitality. 

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