I help people access more food flow from purchase to preparation, transform the culture of food in their homes, and understand the deeper, underlying imbalances in their bodies. I teach people to use wholesome food and lifestyle strategies to live a more decadently nourished, empowered life.

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Let's work together to create more food flow and transform the culture of food in your home so that you can honor the true needs of your beautiful body and be the vibrant, empowered person I know you are meant to be! 



I help people understand what their body is trying to tell them. Our bodies speak to us in the elegant and  persistent language of symptoms. When we ignore the whispers, our symptoms spiral into debilitating  health issues. Learn to hear and honor the needs of your body. Wholesome + natural strategies will help you become empowered.

You don't have to figure it out alone.

In this world of fad-frenzied nutrition advice, I’ll help you calmly identify the healing needs of your body and support you through the process. Learn what your symptoms mean, what's causing them and how to control them. Prioritize what's right for you. 

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