Deep Healing for People and the Planet

Join me to dramatically improve your own health while also meeting the imperative to eat responsibly in the era of climate change.

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Food Flow

Transform the culture of food in your home. Unlock food flow from purchase to preparation with our elegant, organized, time-saving strategies.

Personal Health

Functional nutrition unravels the mysteries of your chronic health conditions. Unleash your body's natural ability to heal. Learn to navigate life's ups and down with ease.

Planetary Health

Transform the food culture in your community and foodshed. Support a food system that heals people and the planet. Delicious food strategies to eat responsibly for climate change. 

Become a mindful omnivore

I work with people who are highly motivated to become more mindful about making wise food and lifestyle choices to dramatically improve their own health, and to also improve the health of the planet.

Decadence, not deprivation

We embrace abundant nourishment, not deprivation!  Learn to heal by treating yourself well and enjoying the decadence of beautiful food.

Wholesome, Nourishing Food

Our bodies need plenty of delicious, wholesome food to be happy, healthy, vibrant, joyous and strong. Eat abundantly for healing, weight balance, mood stabilization, pain reduction, deeper sleep and chronic symptom management. 

A free gift for you

Our Smoothie Handout is free to you. Just click the button below. Or up-level your weekly food flow with our Sunny Morning Breakfast Flow Meal Plan featuring homemade soup leftovers for breakfast! If you're ready to go all in, join our next Nourish + Flow group program!

Smoothie Handout

Our flexible template for smoothies that are low in sugar, high in fiber and good for your digestive system. Pack in the veggies along with healthy fats and proteins. Gain confidence in smoothie making with this easy to follow handout! (1 page)


Sunny Morning Meal Flow

A done-for-you, 1-week meal plan features homemade bone broth soup for breakfast, easy, nourishing lunches, decadent dinners and desserts. This decadent food flow is gluten and dairy free and will nourish you deeply for an entire week. Includes shopping list and leftovers. (26 pages)


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Online course materials plus weekly live virtual support group. Are you ready for a real transformation in your nutrition, food and health. Complete the Nourish + Flow program to unlock eligibility to work with Liz as a private client.


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