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"Join me to dramatically improve your own health while also meeting the imperative to eat responsibly in the era of climate change." ~ Liz Morgan

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Food Flow

Transform the culture of food in your home. Unlock food flow from purchase to preparation with our elegant, organized, time-saving strategies.

Personal Health

Functional nutrition unravels the mysteries of your chronic health conditions. Unleash your body's natural ability to heal. Learn to navigate life's ups and downs with more ease.

Planetary Health

Transform the food culture in your community and foodshed. Support a food system that heals people and the planet. Delicious food strategies to eat responsibly for climate change. 

Learn to understand and honor the true needs of your body

Our bodies ask for our help with signs like pain, fatigue and anxiety. I can help you listen to and honor the needs of your body. If you believe it's possible to feel better, and that you have a better life to live, let's get started. 


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We offer services for the functional nutrition beginner to upgrade you relationship with food and to learn to nourish yourself more deeply. We also offer services for those with complex health conditions who seek a serious functional analysis, a deep investigation into your spiraling health conditions, a clear way to prioritize your next steps, and a caring support system every step of the way. 

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Decadence, Not Deprivation

Embrace abundant nourishment, not deprivation! Learn to heal by treating yourself well and enjoying the decadence of beautiful food.

Structure, Not Willpower

Create the structure for nourishment! Structure helps us be in flow and to live our intensions without struggle. Learn to activate structure, not willpower as an essential in your healing journey.

Test, Don't Guess

We employ a variety of lab tests to investigate imbalances and gain a clear understanding about your next steps. 

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