Activate Community for Personal & Planetary Healing

Join the movement to transform the food culture into one that makes people and ecosystems healthy and vibrant. Support decadent and delicious solutions that heal us and the earth. Together, we can understand and honor the needs of our own bodies, transform the food culture, sequester carbon, and restore ecosystems.

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Mindful Community Can Change the World

Hi, I'm Liz! I'm a functional nutritionist, certified yoga teacher, past environmental lawyer, hold a masters degree in environmental policy, was a wilderness guide, wrote a guidebook on foraging for wild edibles and hold a bachelor's degree in anthropology.

I am endlessly contemplating how humans are meant to live well on this earth, and how we can transform our modern culture, particularly our food culture, into one that supports human health and happiness, and thriving planetary ecosystems.

Unfortunately, our Food Culture is built around poisonous chemicals, inhumane treatment of animals, and destruction of ecosystems. All of this just to create food that is mostly processed, laden with toxic chemicals, and low in nutrients. This is causing a massive chronic health crisis while contributing to climate change.

I believe that our big institutions will never modernize the food system until we, the people who eat food everyday, we the leaders in our communities and businesses, take meaningful collective action to set new norms in our shared food culture.

Together we can and must lead our communities to experience, love, and normalize a more wholesome food culture that helps people and ecosystems become healthy and vibrant. 

This is the best gift we can leave to future generations, humans and animals. This is the gift and legacy I intend to leave to world: A food culture that is abundant, joyful and healing for people and the planet. 

Together, we can truly transform the food culture, improve our health, and change the world. 


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Collective action to set new rules of etiquette for a healthy food culture and a living planet. 

My clients tell me, their biggest barrier to eating healthier, is the food culture they live in. 

Whether experiencing a serious health condition that requires a pristine and specific diet, or just generally going for a healthy, nutritious diet for stability and regular life... the food norms around us have a huge impact on our success. Have you ever set clear intentions but it feels like the culture and norms around you conspire to knock you off track? It's so hard to be rebellious against the processed, packaged, toxic, inhumane, malnourishing food culture we live in! This is a huge struggle for so many of us! Let's create, step into, live a food culture that makes people and ecosystems health instead! Let's get together and figure out how!


This is the first time I have felt optimistic about the future of my health AND the future of the planet in a quite a long while. Thank you for these group actions. I am so happy to be part of this movement. It is such a blessing to feel useful and part of something important and joyful. 

Real Connection

Two years into the pandemic I felt so alone and needing to rebuild my community. The connection between personal and planetary health is such a wonderful organizing principle as we recalibrate to life, with climate chaos looming. 

Amazing Knowledge

I really didn't know anything about my digestive system despite suffering with major issues for years. Changing habits just for myself was hard, but doing it for me and for the planet, is a lot more motivation. 


I have felt myself and others grasping for meaning, connection and purpose to deal with what feels like a really painful food and health situation. Liz shares a purposeful and decadent path forward that we can all participate in. I'm so pleased to share this healing with my members.