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Getting Started

Take Charge of Your Health + Your Life

Our starter package includes TWO Private sessions. We'll start with a comprehensive review of what is going on with you, what you've tried, and where you want to go from here. 

Session I - Investigation

The first 90 minute Health Investigation private session includes an in-depth review of your health history, and your wellness goals. We'll analyze and discusses a comprehensive symptom survey and your 3-day food journal. Clients are encouraged to send blood work and other lab tests to us in advance so we can include an analysis of that as well. 

Session II - Plan + Priorities

After that, we'll think through your situation. In the 2nd session, we will present our recommendations for next steps to you. We offer plenty of time to discuss these possibilities with you and to adjust as needed. We will help you gain a clear direction with clear priorities.

Longer term 

We offer a variety of packages, with and without lab testing and with and without the Nourish + Flow program. During your starter package, we will discuss what next steps make sense for you. 

Whether you're working to overcome sugar binges, improve your digestion, figure out why you get headaches, reduces muscle tension, manage food sensitivities, improve mood, make your brain work better, or whatever your goals, we are here for you! We are in this together to investigate, support, and transform. 

A root resolution approach to your most troubling chronic symptoms.

Support System

We make getting healthy, as fun as possible.

Beyond medical care, there is so much we need to be doing to take care of ourselves. We'll take the time to support your process. 

 Groups + Businesses

Support Groups

We offer the Nourish + Flow program to groups both in person  and remotely. 

Company Wellness

We are available for business lunch-and-learns or longer term projects.


We support restaurants in designing menu items that will meet the needs of people with serious food sensitivities and allergies. Save your staff time and frustration and offer better, easier service to your guests.


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Gut Check

Are digestive symptoms controlling your life? We can identify the causes and help you reverse chronic or acute digestive troubles. State of the art digestive testing and analysis with powerful rebalancing protocols. 

Maddening Food Sensitivities

Have food reactions made you scared of eating? Does everything make you react and you don't know why? We'll help you identify the obvious and subtle reactions you're having to foods and chemicals. Immune system support to calm down over-reactivity.

Massive Sugar or Carb Binges

Are you on the sugar rollercoaster with low or high blood sugar, or out of control cravings? We'll help you get nourished and balanced. 

Moving On With Your Life!

Are you tired of joint pain, stress, headaches, being frazzled, brain fog or exhaustion holding you back? Are you ready to take charge, calm down chronic symptoms and step into your power though nutritional healing? Our straight forward approach will help you move on with your life and get back to your true self. 

Why suffer alone another day?

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We also specialize in:

Wholesome and therapeutic diets, Autoimmune support, Digestion, Digestive infections, Food sensitivities, Stress, Sugar handling, Hypoglycemia, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Sleep, Chronic Symptom Management, Liver, Detoxification, Clean living, Sustainability, Farm to Table, Organic + whole foods diets, Empowerment and change, Functional Lab Tests, Nutraceuticals/supplements, Microbiome diversity, Sustainable food systems, Adults + teens.


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If you are ready for a big commitment to resetting your body, calming chronic symptoms and truly changing and improving your experience in life, we would love to talk about how we can help you!