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What is Functional Nutrition? What to Expect

Learn to understand and honor the true needs of your body

Our bodies ask for our help with signs like pain, fatigue and anxiety. I can help you listen to and honor the needs of your body.Coupled with powerful lab testing insights and skilled protocol strategies, it is possible to feel better. If you KNOW you have a better life to live, let's get started. 


I know you can feel more alive and more empowered than you do now.

Whether you are just getting started, or well into your healing journey, I invite you into Liz Morgan Nutrition. We are a functional healing tele-wellness clinic specializing in digestion, sugar handling, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain, hormones, and calming down chronic or mysterious symptoms. I would be honored for the opportunity to support you. Contact me here.


Take Charge of Your Health!

I work with people with serious chronic health conditions who are ready to learn what they can do to support their bodies and brains towards improved health. If you are ready to be a more purposeful and effective caregiver to your own body, let's find the right package to get you started.   


Our health unravels in spirals. If we work to bandaid the end result, we will never truly heal. I will help you understand the beginning of the spiral while helping fix the underlying causes and calming the spiraling symptoms.

I specialize in wholesome nourishment, digestive function, digestive infections, sugar handling disorders, liver health, inflammation, food sensitivities, chronic pain, neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders, improved sleep and balancing hormones to calm down PMS and menopausal symptoms.


Our work together will be highly results driven. There is no dieting for the sake of dieting. You will know the WHYs behind everything you do and you will be an active participant in the process. We will focus on quick wins while supporting deeper and lasting health improvements.

My clients have experienced major improvements in reflux, bowel motility, headaches, stiffness, inflammation, sleep, hormones, bloating, cravings, binge eating, body image, skin, joints, lipid markers, liver markers, blood sugar markers, blood sugar swings and even in their confidence and feelings of personal empowerment and hope for the future. 

Let's Work Together!

One on one sessions with your private Functional Nutritionist. Supported transformation on your nutritional healing journey. Digestion. Stress. Food. Sleep. Blood sugar. Chronic pain. Food sensitivities. Chemical sensitivities. Liver health. Autoimmunity. Foundational healing to balance hormones, energy, weight. 

Personalized support!

3-Months Nutrition Coaching


Understand and honor the needs of your body. Become a wise and loving caretaker of your own body and brain. Develop a more joyful and reciprocal relationship with food. Your body is not your enemy! Unleash the true, powerful, elegant, resilient you!

  • Gain wisdom about how your body systems work.
  • Learn how food, digestion, stress, sugar handling and toxic exposure control our physical and mental health. 
  • A fad-free approach to deep nourishment.
  • Understand and honor the needs and priorities of your body.
  • Cultivate a nourishing and joyful relationship with food.

No lab tests, just coaching and support to get you started on your transformation towards better health and stability. 

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Lab tests and powerful protocols. 

Digestive Deep Healing Jump-Start


This power packed 2 months is a deep investigation and powerful and intense rebalancing protocol. In these first two months, we will create the plan for the next powerful, life-changing steps in your healing journey. 

  • Learn how broken digestion is the root cause of spiraling health issues.
  • Resolve and calm digestive distress.
  • Become more deeply nourished.
  • Clear brain fog and feel at ease in your body.
  • Identify and balance digestive infections.
  • Identify and calm inflammation and food sensitivities. 

In-depth investigations, analysis and preparation for deep healing. Digestion, Food sensitivities and more. 

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90 Minute Private Session

Initial Health Investigation


  • Your first private session is a 90 minute deep dive into your health history, current issues, symptoms, food journal analysis and health goals.
  • Prioritize strategies for the next 3-6 months.
  • Discuss what type of support will serve you best moving forward.
  • Discuss food, supplements, lifestyle, stress, toxic exposure, supplements and lab testing.
  • This session is included in the larger packages. 

If you are seeking personalized support with your chronic health conditions, and want to get to know each other better before diving into one of our packages, this is the place to start!

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