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Signature Package

A fully supported, 8 month personal journey to empowerment through digestive + nutritional healing.

This package includes 3 powerful lab tests plus 2 private sessions per month, or 16 sessions total. Sessions are usually conducted by video conference. 

In month 1, we start by deeply analyzing your baseline and getting to know each other. We analyze what's going on with your health, your stress and your symptoms. We begin our root cause analysis to understand what food and lifestyle factors are dragging you down, and what we can do to change that for the better. 

We then begin our Nourish + Flow journey. Nourish + Flow is my online program designed to tackle up-leveling your food strategies, connecting your symptoms with specific food and lifestyle inputs,  and reducing your stress. These practices alone will improve your microbiome diversity, reduce your sugar cravings, reduce pain and empower you in your life, work, body and mind. Your body will start functioning better and will be ready to support you in the next part of the journey.

Next, in month 3, we move into the lab testing phase. Using 3 functional lab testing tools, we will investigate your digestive function and microbiome balance including digestive infections like candida, worms, parasites and overgrown bacteria. We will investigate hidden food sensitivities which contribute to a huge range of inflammatory disorders including poor digestion, stress, exhaustion, headaches and physical pain. We tie it all together with a functional evaluation of blood chemistry biomarkers to assess early signs of imbalance. 

In months 4, 5, 6, we move into the pathogen eradication portion of the program which takes about 3 months. Infections in the digestion system are often hidden root causes of chronic symptoms and it is vital to remove gut pathogens to overcome your issues. This is the supplement intensive portion of the protocol. 

In month 7, we move into the rebalancing phase. You will continue to eat wholesome nourishing foods and to support low stress levels and healthy digestion. This is when your body finds its new happy place after all the work you have done.

In month 8, we retest to see what is now going on in your microbiome, digestion and which food sensitivities have calmed down. We reanalyze your blood chemistry makers and gain a clear sense of your next steps. This month also includes a deep reanalysis of your symptoms and an evaluation of your new state of being. Expect to find yourself in a new state of flow and empowered to take charge like never before. 

Self-Paced Program

If you want to try out my lessons on your own, I invite you to enroll in my self-paced online program, Nourish + Flow.

As a special perk, and because I really want to support your Nourish + Flow Journey, the self-paced program comes with 2 private sessions with me (Liz)!

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