Download Your Smoothie Handout

Our flexible template for smoothies that are low in sugar, high in fiber and good for your digestive system. Pack in the veggies along with healthy fats and proteins. 

Gain confidence in smoothie making with this easy to follow, 1-page handout.

One of the questions I have been asked, by far the most of any other question, is how to make a smoothie!

Smoothies are a great addition to your weekly food flow! The problem is, most people make them too sugary.

Where most people go wrong with smoothies is they do juice, fruit and ice. That's delicious, but is also too much sugar overall. It is also especially insulinogenic because there are no fats or proteins to balance it out.

Because I work with so many people who have sugar issues, I decided to create an easy to follow handout showing my super healthy strategy for making smoothies.

You'll notice I have not included any dairy in this template. That's because dairy (even high fat) can cause also insulin spikes. Since this is a smoothie template for helping get super nourished while also getting sugar issues under control, we'll leave dairy out.

Smoothies are a decadent, delicious and easy way to drink some of your 6-9 cups of veggies a day. Enjoy!

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(Gluten free and dairy free).

Smoothie Flow Handout

Learn to create delicious, nourishing, high fiber, low sugar smoothies with balanced fats and protein.