3-Months Nutrition Coaching

Do you feel alone on your nutritional healing journey? Do you feel stress in your relationship with food? Are in constant battle with your body? I can help you release that struggle and develop a more loving and reciprocal relationship with your own body and with food. 

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Are you ready to be a wise and loving caretaker of your own body?

Let's spend 3 months together!

I see so many people struggling on this journey alone, trying to wade through the very loud and very conflicting nutrition and health advice out there. I can help you rise above the food fad frenzy and move to a sensible place where you truly understand what your body needs and how to meet those needs with love and grace.

This is a great starter package if you aren't ready or don't need to dive into lab testing. We'll up level your understanding of your symptoms, prioritize your needs and goals, and I'll support you every step of the way. 

Understand & Honor Your Beautiful Body

So many of us struggle with confronting our nutritional and wellness needs. We live in a culture that really teaches us to ignore our symptoms and push through the pain and struggle. This leads to all kinds of avoidance responses.

When we don't know the tools that will help us, it's natural to turn away, to avoid. What happens, though, is that our health problems spiral, get worse over time and then we wait until we are in a much worse situation to make the adjustments that can help us.

I'm here to support you to undo that avoidance, nothing works anyways, perspective. It's so much better to develop a nurturing and a caring relationship with our selves so that we can perhaps avoid worsening health struggles. Let's get started!

Testimonials & Client Feedback

This was so worth it. I learned lifelong tools to keep myself functioning. I honestly knew I needed help, but I just didn't realize how much easier and less of a struggle life could actually be. I had fallen into a feeling like being tired all the time was normal, which I now know it's not! So glad I did this. 

What a relief! I didn't know how much I needed a nutrition coach until I worked with Liz. I carried such a heavy burden without even realizing it. I have a renewed love for my self and so many new ways to observe my body's needs and to make adjustments as needed. Liz really has a genius ability to reconnect me with my body... in a healthy way. I say reconnect, but I'm not sure I've ever felt connected to my body in any kind of positive way before. 

I would never have figured this all out on my own. I thought I knew what I "should" be eating, but I just didn't have that depth of experience that Liz brings to the table. Liz really showed me where I was missing knowledge and supported me to build not just healthy habits, but a real relationship with food and my body. I had an awakening of sorts that I hadn't realized was possible. 

Wow, nutrition coaching has come a long way since I had a couple of sessions with a dietician 20 years ago! This really changed my thinking, first and foremost. All the little steps Liz created for me to work on each week were so subtle but so powerful. I'm still shaking my head in amazement that I actually accomplished so much and it never felt restrictive or stressful. 

Liz does not push diets or willpower. What a strange and delightful approach to nutrition and health. After being told for years by my doctors to "just lose weight," as if I could wave a magic wand and make it happen, I finally don't feel bad about myself. I have an entirely new perspective on health and my body and I am in a much better headspace about all of this. I learned that weight is just one of many symptoms and that focusing on weight only is missing the bigger picture. I did lose weight but I gained so much more freedom than just that.  


The Wisdom Series

We highly recommend enrolling in the Wisdom Series DIY online program either before or during your 3 months of nutrition coaching. The program goes so much deeper than what we can cover in our live sessions and you'll get so much more out of the experience with this added layer of support!

The Wisdom Series is a 2-part online program. It includes Body Wisdom which is a deep dive into how your digestion, sugar systems, toxic exposure, stress, and symptoms are all connected. It also includes Food Wisdom which is a deep dive into the many ways to use food to support your healing journey. We get into different considerations for different health needs. This is not a one size fits all diet. Learn lifelong tools to understand and honor the needs of your body.

Enroll in the Wisdom Series

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