Nourish + Flow is my deep, profound back to basics program. Are you unsure about what you should be eating or how to find the time to make it happen on a regular basis? Are you ready to navigate beyond  toxic cultural norms with wholesome ease so you feel better and calm down chronic symptoms?

Learn to find flow in your food life so you can experience the true benefits of being completely nourished. Nourish + Flow is a cultural revolution designed to support your body's deepest needs for nourishment, hydration, rest and for reduced stress, toxic exposure and inflammation. Are you ready for a dramatic transformation into a more wholesome life of flow and an activation of your true, innate powerfulness? Enroll now to cultivate the next version of what it means to be you. You will learn, practice and integrate the foundational needs of your body for health, joy and clarity. 

Even if your health conditions require further functional analysis and protocols or medical treatment to get them under control, Nourish + Flow is the essential first step. No other treatments, recommendations or protocols will ever work as well as they could unless you integrate these essential tools first.  

Flow into a new perspective

Learn to Honor Your Symptoms

In Nourish + Flow you will learn to see, hear, feel, honor and address your symptoms. Do you ignore your symptoms or have you been told they don't matter?

Our bodies speak to us in the elegant and precise language of symptoms. We can learn our body’s needs by noticing and understanding what our body is trying to tell us. Symptoms (like bloating, joint pain, being tired all the time, poor sleep, anxiety, skin issues, PMS, hot flashes, and craving sugar), are our body’s way of speaking to us. 

Finding the Time

With my simple, kitchen flow strategies, you'll have food on hand at all times and strategies to throw a delicious, wholesome meal together in no time, and without stress. In this program you will learn how to create flow in the kitchen so you can easily feed yourself nourishing food all week long.

You will learn to prioritize your itme in ways that serve you better. Learn to take the stress out of food purchasing and prep, and how to create more space in your life to make food goodness happen.

Nurture Your Digestion

To be healthy, we need to digest and absorb the nutrients from our food. Yet the digestive process is delicate and needs to be nurtured to do its job. You will learn to cultivate practices and mealtime actions that will actually help your body digest food better. 

Sugar + Other Binges

How did we all become sugar addicts and binge eaters? We are out of step with what our bodies need and so we become frantic around these issues. I will share my strategies with you to give your body what it is actually craving, get nourished, feel full and satisfied, and overcome the sugar gremlin and the need to binge.

Learn to Nourish Yourself

Most of us are malnourished from years of a low nutrient diet and poor digestion. It seems so basic, but we need to learn how and what to eat to bring complete nourishment into our bodies! All of your questions answered about what to eat and how to work it into your daily flow.  

Reduce Stress

Stress is almost always a key factor preventing health, vitality and healing. We will look into the many forms of stress impacting your health. Learn to identify and manage your stress! Learn how the foods you're eating might be causing stress. Learn how sugar and stress are part of the same system and how to deal with them together.  

Beyond Food Flow

Learn to detoxify your life including your bath, body, home and cleaning products. We are exposed to more chemicals than our bodies can handle. Learn what clean products to use instead and experience how much better you feel when your body is clean and clear, rather than struggling to detoxify all those chemicals.

Thoughtful Decision-making: What works for you?

I will teach you how to DECIDE what makes sense for you.  By noticing your body's needs, you will gain the tools to make the correct adjustments to meet your health and wellness goals. You will gain lifelong tools to make these choices over time. 


Join me in finding more flow in your food life and experiencing the true power, joy and ease that only happens when we are fully nourished.

Sneak Peak


SNEAK PEAK - Symptoms Module

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The Transformative Power of Nourish + Flow. Transition into The Nourish + Flow Experience. What to expect and how it works. 
Module 1: Connecting with Your Symptoms 
Assess your symptoms. Learn what your body is telling you. Start by becoming more aware of your body's language and how it communicates with you. Learn what symptoms to monitor as we move through the program. 
Module 2: Envisioning a Well-Stocked Pantry

Talk about what a well-stocked pantry looks like. Clean, organized and full of nourishing, wholesome food!

Module 3: Preparing Your Pantry for Flow
Stock your pantry with food that nourishes. Learn about where to buy it (Online and offline shopping options), what to do with it and what foods make sense for you. A well-stocked kitchen is your next step towards real nourishment and food flow. 
Module 4: Weekly Food Flow

So you've got your pantry stocked, but now what? Learn strategies to feed yourself without learning new recipes and spending your whole life in the kitchen. Find a way for food to flow through your week and nourish you with ease. 

Module 5: Hydrate for Health

Learn to recognize signs dehydration, how much water your body needs, how to structure hydration into your routine and what kind water filters to use. 

Module 6: Diversify Your Diet
Learn to eat more kinds foods, and more diverse nutrients. Diversity also means more flavors and foods to enjoy! 
Module 7: Improve Digestion
Let's make sure you are benefitting from all of those wonderful foods you've been working with! Calming strategies to support digestion plus specific foods to help digest and absorb. 
Module 8: Sugar + Binge Eating
In this module, will be a focus on sugar cravings, carb cravings, junk food cravings and binge eating. You will learn strategies to reduce sugar's control on your life by becoming better nourished in just the right ways. 
Module 9: Stress Management
Stress & Inflammation are major drivers of chronic illness, exhaustion, poor digestion, sugar gremlins and more. Identify the sources of your stress and create strategies to reduce and eliminate them. Stress can be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. 
Module 10: Detoxify Your Life
We are bombarded with too many toxic chemicals. Learn to remove as much toxicity as possible from your life. Looking beyond food, let's talk bath, body, cleaning, garden and make-up. 

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