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Finding FLOW in your food life and helping your body become fully, deeply NOURISHED is essential to a healthy, happy, thriving life. Whether you are moving through life exhausted, in pain, inflamed, sugar addicted and lacking the joy to be your true self and enjoy your life, or suffering with serious chronic health problems, this program is designed to help YOU.

Are you overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice?

But you know eating right could help you? Let’s cut through fads, and find your food flow. 

You will gain the tools to understand what your body needs now, and

discover how to gracefully honor those needs so you can thrive. 

Nourish + Flow is much more than a "diet." This program is not another attempt at willpower and strict one size fits all rules. Rather, it is a full systems approach to understanding what your body needs to be happy, healthy, vibrant, joyous and strong.

You will learn how to understand your body and what it is trying to tell you.

You will learn to become fully nourished by listening to your symptoms, diversifying your diet, improving your digestion, hydrating for health, detoxifying your life, and identifying sources of stress and learning strategies for reducing stress.

You will learn a healthy, balanced approach to food and self-care. 

This is not at all about willpower and deprivation.

It is about structure, abundance, and deep nourishment.

In this course you will learn to calmly create structures in your life so that there is flow in improving your food strategies and your food intake. You will learn to eat more nourishing foods and less toxic ones. You will learn to overcome years of malnourishment by up-leveling your overall eating strategy. 

 This is not a dieting program but a nourishing and healing one.

a transformative food experience

Nourish + Flow is not a diet!  Nourish + Flow is an online experience that walks you through finding more flow in your food life so that you can unlock the energy, joy and ease that only come from being fully nourished.  

Learn the tools to decide what your body needs now and discover how to gracefully honor those needs so you can thrive. 

You are...

You're motivated to take control your life and feel like yourself again.

You are an ambitious, motivated warrior of life and you need to regain your health so you can live your life with joy and clarity.

If you really take a look, you realize you've been tired or living in a fog, in pain, inflamed, anxious or stressed out for too long and you are ready to move past it and into flow.

You might have received a scary diagnosis or warning from your doctor. Or maybe inside, you just know, your body's not working quite right. 

You know in your heart and your brain that you are a more vibrant, joyful, alive, focused, engaged person than you are currently being.

You believe that nourishment is foundational to getting back to your happy place, to finding balance and flow in your body, mind and life. You are eager for new strategies and a new system to help you make the right choices for yourself moving forward. 


Flow into a new perspective

Learn to Honor Your Symptoms

In Nourish + Flow you will learn to see, hear, feel, honor and address your symptoms. Do you ignore your symptoms or have you been told they don't matter?

Our bodies speak to us in the elegant and precise language of symptoms. We can learn our body’s needs by noticing and understanding when things are out of whack. Symptoms (like bloating, joint pain, being tired all the time, poor sleep, anxiety, skin issues, PMS or hot flashes, and craving sugar), are our body’s way of trying to tell us something is wrong. 

Finding the Time

Become more aware of your feelings of being rushed or pressed for time. Learn how not to hurry while creating more space to make food goodness happen.

With my simple kitchen hacks, you'll have food on hand at all times and strategies to throw a delicious, wholesome meal together in no time,  and without stress. In this program you will learn how to create flow in the kitchen so you can easily feed yourself nourishing food all week long.

Nurture Your Digestion

To be healthy, we need to digest and absorb the nutrients from our food. Yet the digestive process is delicate and needs to be nurtured to do its job.

Cultivate a practice of mealtime actions that will support your body to digest food better. Learn what's going wrong in your digestive system and natural strategies to help. 

Towards a More Reasonable Relationship with Sugar + other Binges

Sugar. Sugar Sugar. sugar. Need I say more? I've been there, big time and I will share my strategies with you to overcome the sugar gremlin and feel better without it, and not even miss it. Plus wholesome strategies to overcome the need to binge.

Learn to Nourish Yourself

Most of us are MALNOURISHED from years of a low nutrient diet and poor digestion. Eating an abundance of wholesome foods is essential in recovering from whatever symptoms or chronic issues we face. It seems to basic and unbelievable, but we need to learn how and what to eat and how to make it happen! All of your questions answered about what to eat and how to do it.  

Foods Strategies to Reduce Stress

Learn how the foods you're eating might be causing stress. Experience the possibility of removing stressful foods and giving your body a break to heal. Learn how sugar and stress are part of the same system and how to create synergy to improve both. 

Beyond Food Flow

Learn to detoxify your life including your bath, body, home and cleaning products. We are exposed to more chemicals than our bodies can handle. Learn what products to use instead and experience how much better you feel when your body is clean and clear, rather than struggling and clogged.

You Don't "HAVE" to Give Up Anything in This Program

Though a lot of changes and upgrades will be offered and discussed, you don't "have" to give up anything in this program. Instead, I will teach you how to DECIDE what makes sense for you.  By noticing your body's needs, you will gain the tools to make the correct adjustments to meet your health and wellness goals. You will gain lifelong tools to make these choices over time. 


Do You Suffer with

any of these symptoms?

Sugar Addiction/Junk food binges
Digestive Symptoms/Belly discomfort after eating
Food Sensitivities
Exhaustion/Tired all the time
 Sleep issues
Cold all the time
Joint pain/Stiffness
Chemical sensitivities
Dragging through life
Weight issues
Anxious/Stressed out
Other weird symptoms that you know are not right
Too busy to figure out healthy meals
Confused about what food will make you feel good

SNEAK PEAK - Symptoms Module

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Process. Structure. Flow. Success.

The Transformative Power of Nourish + Flow. Transition into The Nourish + Flow Experience. What to expect and how it works. 
Week 1: Symptoms 
Assess your symptoms. Learn what your body is telling you. Start by becoming more aware of your body's needs and how it communicates and responds. Learn what symptoms to monitor as we move through the next 2 months, and see what changes as we experiment with dietary changes, stress reduction, hydration, and rest. 
Week 2: Stock Your Pantry
Stock your pantry with food that nourishes. Learn about where to buy it (Online and offline shopping options), what to do with it and what foods make sense for you. A well-stocked kitchen is your first step in accessing real nourishment and food flow. 
Week 3: Weekly Food Flow
So you've got your pantry stocked, but now what? Learn strategies to feed yourself without learning new recipes and spending your whole life in the kitchen. Find a way for food to flow through your week and nourish you with ease. 
Week 4: Hydration

We've had a big few weeks with profound changes! This week is relatively light on new info to give you time integrate the practices of the past month. The new work this week is to focus on hydration. Learn to recognize signs dehydration, how much water your body needs, how to structure hydration into your routine and what kind water filters to use. 

Week 5: Digestion
Mealtime tips to improve your digestion. Are you sabotaging your own ability to digest your food? Learn how to eat and what to eat so your digestion works to break down and absorb nutrients. There are actually thing you can to do to support this vital function. 
Week 6: Sugar
Managing Your Sugar Gremlin. This week will be a focus on sugar cravings, carb cravings, junk food cravings and binge eating. You will learn strategies to reduce sugar's control on your life by becoming better nourished in just the right ways. 
Week 7: Diversify
I teach diversity rather than deprivation. Learn to eat more kinds foods to eat more diverse nutrients that your body needs to thrive. Diversify your nutrients, and make your food flow even more exciting and delicious. 
Week 8: Stress & Inflammation
Stress & Inflammation are major drivers of chronic illness, exhaustion, poor digestion, sugar gremlins and more. Identify the sources of your stress and create strategies to reduce it whether from food or elsewhere in life. 
Week 9: Detoxify Your Life
Detoxify your life. Looking beyond food. Let's talk bath, body, cleaning and make-up. 

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