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Join Liz to learn more about how the Nourish + Flow program can help you!


Join us for 3 Months!

Start the new year off strong + supported! 

I will guide you to access more food flow from purchase to preparation, transform the culture of food in your home, and understand the deeper, underlying imbalances in your body. Learn to use wholesome food and lifestyle strategies to live a more decadently nourished, empowered life.  

See you soon!

We made it through 2020! It's time to heal + rebuild. 

Nourish + Flow is not a diet. It is real nutrition education that will give you tools to support your health for years to come. Coupled with elegant strategies to nourish yourself deeply and navigate life's ups and downs with more ease, Nourish + Flow is a uniquely joyous embrace of the healing power of wholesome food. 

Who Should Join Nourish + Flow

Nourish + Flow is created to meet the needs of a wide range of people. If any of these sound like you, Nourish + Flow can help!

  • You have serious or worsening chronic health conditions and you want to see how much your symptoms can improve with wholesome and natural food and lifestyle strategies.
  • You want to find an elegant, powerful way to support the health of your family. Not just a diet because everyone in the family is different. You want a real understanding about the nutritional and lifestyle needs of yourself and the people you care for.
  • You've been wanting to eat healthier, but you need a support system to make it happen. 
  • You believe in supporting organic and regenerative farms and ranches to support a healthier, more stable food system.
  • The stress of the pandemic has gotten to you and you are ready to get nourished, get re-inspired about life and give your health a jumpstart.

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask. 

Live Weekly Meetings!

This is a fully supported program. You are not alone! Plan to spend 1-2 hours each week completing the weekly homework including videos to watch, lessons to read and actions to implement. Then, meet up for live weekly meetings and personalized support with Liz Morgan and the group. Includes access to Liz via email between sessions. Come to the live meetings to participate, engage and cultivate your Nourish + Flow strategies. (via Zoom)

Here's the Plan!

We'll spend 3 months together. This is not a do-it-yourself online course. (Who wants that anymore!) This is a supported program where you will have live access to Liz Morgan, the creator of Nourish + Flow, throughout the program. You can also email Liz with questions between weekly meetings. We're in it together! We'll take a step-by-step approach so you will never feel overwhelmed.


Food Flow Foundations

(weeks 1-6)

Set yourself up for food flow by creating the structures in your life to nourish yourself with ease. Transform the culture of food in your home so that nourishment is delicious and delightful, not a drag or a bore. 

  • Introduction to The Transformative Power of Nourish + Flow
  • Connecting with Your Symptoms 
  • Envisioning a Well-Stocked Kitchen 
  • Preparing Your Kitchen for Flow 
  • Weekly Food Flow 
  • Hydrate for Health


Diversify Your Diet

(weeks 7-8)

We are all about diversity, decadence and inspiring a joy for good food. Celebrate delicious, wholesome foods and bring even more beautiful, nourishing foods into your weekly food flow. 

  • Superfoods
  • Wiggle Room Foods






Taking Charge of Your Body + Life.

(weeks 9-12)

Unleash the body's built-in ability to heal. Learn to listen to, understand + honor the true needs of your body. Respond effectively. Experience empowerment in your relationship with your body + brain. 

  • Stress Resiliency + Food Sensitivities
  • Digestive Resiliency
  • Sugar, Carbs + Binge Eating
  • Detoxify Your Life



Danae D.

Glastonbury, Connecticut

"Who needs sugar when you can have duck fat? If you walk in with an open mind and let the program do its magic, there is no way you will complete Liz’s modules without having changed your relationship with food. 

"Sign up for this program if you are seeking guidance on how to make food a more meaningful part of your life, if you want to experience food as a celebration rather than a chore, as a privilege rather than a punishment. You will learn to appreciate its value as a substance that nourishes, is deeply satisfying, and worth prioritizing. Once you give it the time it deserves, everything falls into place. While you may learn it is best to give some things up, you will quickly discover that the vacancies left behind will be filled with a variety of evermore satisfying and sustaining options. It is simple and strategic, you will leave with a formula that has the potential to stick for the better part of your, now much longer🤞🏻, life.  

"Liz’s program is much more than a how to, it is a structured philosophy on how humans can and should be in relationship with what they eat. It gives you the tools to sensibly navigate every decision or choice that can be made in the process of nourishing yourself and those you love." 

Kathy Keidel

Buena Vista, Colorado

"The content is perfect. I loved all of it. I am so impressed with the program, Liz. You have made an easily accessible and easy-to-understand-framework program. It has helped me take back control of my relationship with food, all for the purpose of optimal health and fitness. Thank you."

Lisa Olson, FNTP

"Nourish + Flow will empower you to have the clarity and wisdom to know what works best for you, and what does not. It will help you ditch the food shame, diet mentality, food obsession, and replace it with awareness about what works for your body and lifestyle. Nourish +  Flow will lead you to make the transition to sustainable wellness."

Ranada Townsend

Ranada Fitness, Steamboat Springs, CO

"I highly recommend taking Liz's Nourish + Flow online nutritional program.  Liz breaks everything down for you, step-by-step, making it easy for you to create healthier lifestyle habits that can be sustainable. One of the things I love about this program is that it's comprehensive; teaching you everything you need to know to improve your overall health and wellbeing. And, If you struggle with any type of chronic illness, this program is for you. It's exactly what I've been searching for, for years." 

Ginger Martinson, FNTP

"One of my very favorite things about Nourish + Flow is that it's done in bite sized pieces with step-by-step instructions making it very doable. After each module you will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. I think it's this simplicity that is really setting someone up for success."

Participants have experienced

  • Elimination of acid reflux
  • Significantly reduced joint pain and inflammation
  • Less bloating and discomfort after meals.
  • Less blood sugar ups and downs. 
  • Knowledge about what causes flare-ups
  • Improved sleep
  • Significantly reduced sugar cravings and need to binge
  • More joy with food
  • Weight loss
  • Better memory
  • Feeling less frazzled, stressed, angry or depressed.

What You'll Learn

Food Flow

You will learn the Nourish + Flow system for gracefully bringing more wholesome, nourishing food into your weekly food flow. You will learn to save time and waste less, while finding more ease in making nourishing meals. 

The Language of Symptoms

You will become skilled in understanding what your body is trying to tell you through its language of symptoms. No longer will you ignore, or not even notice, when something is off. You will gain the tools to understand what your symptoms mean and what to do to restore balance and function in your body. Learn to understand and honor the needs of your body. 

Calm Down Chronic Symptoms

Whatever your health conditions might be, it is important to know what foods your body needs to feel and function better. You will learn to use wholesome + natural food and lifestyle techniques to reduce stress, reduce chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, calm down sugar and carb cravings, and unleash a  more comfortable body and clear mind to live and thrive in.

Cultivate Diversity + Joy in Your Food Culture

You will learn to celebrate and crave the wholesome foods that nourish your body best. You will learn to eat a wider variety of nourishing foods to support your healing and health. You will learn that often more food, not less, is the key to healing. You will learn to embrace a joyous and healthy food culture in your home and community. You'll learn wholesome food and lifestyle strategies to live a more decadently nourished, empowered life.

Lifelong Tools

You will gain lifelong to tools nourish yourself and your family. This is not a diet. It is not over when the program is over. It is not a set list of rules to follow. It is a food flow and lifestyle upgrade that will help you live more gracefully for many years to come. It is an exploration into the true needs of your body and brain. It is the development of a vital skillset for living and operating our complex, delicate, resilient bodies and brains now and over time as their needs change. You will learn tools for resiliency, how to heal from the stressful times that take a huge toll on our bodies. 

Beyond Nourish + Flow

You will also learn that when food and lifestyle upgrades alone are not enough , there is often deeper investigation and deeper healing that can be done. You will learn some of the paths to consider after the program is over to further your healing process. 


Structure! Not willpower.

Program logistics

  • 12 comprehensive modules.
  • Weekly live video meetings (1-hour each) provide personal interaction, support + feedback.
  • Plan to spend 1-2 additional hours/per week reviewing program materials and doing the actions for each module.
  • Access program materials through our online portal or phone app for 1 full year. 
  • Participants gain eligibility to work with Liz Morgan Nutrition as a private client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • yoga studios
  • businesses, organizations + nonprofits

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