MRT 170 - Food Sensitivity Test

The MRT 170 food sensitivity test is a powerful tool that we use to help you identify and eliminate inflammatory triggers in your body. Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding with your blood test. LMN will provide the MRT Test Kit to you. You will take the kit to a blood draw center and then mail it to the lab the same day. Please read these detailed instructions carefully before proceeding:

Getting started:

  • Locate a Fed Ex drop of center and call them to find out what time packages are picked up.
  • Locate a blood draw center and schedule an appointment or ask if walk-ins are ok

How to Locate a Blood Draw Center:

  • Go to this site first to find a place that will do your blood draw.
  • If there is not a lab in your area from the Draw Locator website, take the kit to a local hospital or any other outpatient lab. Large lab chains like Quest and LabCorp will not do ‘kit draws’. Small hospitals and outpatient clinics that have a lab are your best bet. Walk in and explain that you need a simple blood draw. Show them the instructions and they will generally not have any problem doing the draw for you.
  • Please note: The lab doing the blood draw will most likely charge a draw fee, payable at the time of service. It should not be expensive.
  • NEW: Travalab mobile phlebotomy will come to you!
    • This is great news for all clients looking for the convenience of a mobile blood draw that can be conducted at home, the office, or some other convenient location. This saves your patient’s valuable time and at a very reasonable cost – in most cases $50-$60. And to top it off, the Travalab phlebotomist will take the specimen to a FedEx drop off location for your clients too!
      To access Travalab’s mobile phlebotomy services, go to and click the link for Travalab. This will take you to the Travalab website where your patients can schedule and pay for their MRT blood draws.

At the lab:

  • The Instructions for the technician are on a card inside the kit. The technician will follow the instructions and fill out the labels on each vial.

Shipping your Test Kit

  • It is important to ship the Test Kit on the same day as your blood is drawn.
  • Locate your local FedEx Pick Up location and contact them to find out what time packages are picked up on the day you will be having your blood drawn.
  • Schedule your blood draw so that you have time to bring the kit to the Fed Ex drop off location in time to be mailed on the same day.
  • You do not have to pay for shipping. Shipping label and mailing envelope is included inside the test kit
  • DO NOT SHIP OVER HOLIDAYS or WEEKENDS - Labs close for holidays. Check with me on lab schedules if you are doing a test around a holiday.
  • FedEx Nationwide drop-off & Pick-up info
  • Steamboat Springs,  Colorado, FedEx info 

    2717 S Copper Passage
    Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


  • Make sure you have filled out the MRT Requisition Form that is inside the box. The test you are taking is the MRT170. Please take a second look and make sure everything is completed.


  • Liz Morgan Nutrition will send you an invoice for the MRT 170. Please make payment prior to sending your test kit in to the lab. The lab bills us when they receive your kit.

Special Instructions

  • The blood sample should be taken Monday through Friday. (the lab does not receive kits on Sundays.)
  • Do not do the blood draw if there is a holiday that would prevent Fed Ex from delivering the blood to the lab the next day.
  • You do not need to fast prior to this blood draw.
  • It is a good idea to be well hydrated prior to the blood draw.
  • Bring juice and snacks with you for after the blood draw. Many people will feel a bit woozy.
  • Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated. Electrolytes, salt or a mineral supplement can also be helpful.
  • It is a good idea to have someone else drive you home afterwards.
  • It generally takes 2 weeks for us to receive your results. Schedule an appointment to discuss you results and next steps in a accordance with that timeline.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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