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If a wholesome diet alone hasn't worked to alleviate your symptoms, we'll utilize functional lab testing to gain more clarity about what's going on in your body.

In functional nutrition, we use these lab tests to gain a more clear picture about the interconnected imbalances leading to your health challenges. We investigate food sensitivities, immune and autoimmune reactivity, digestive infections, digestive capacity, inflammation, and blood chemistry markers. We'll help you prioritize next steps and powerful protocols based on clear evidence discovered in these state-of-the-art lab tests. What's unique about functional nutrition is  that we help you understand what needs to be done to deal with the issues we discover.

Beyond medical care, beyond medical diagnosis and treatment, lab testing gives functional nutritional therapists a path forward to transforming your food, supplement and lifestyle strategies in a targeted way to meet your needs. Labs also give us the ability to track your progress beyond symptom analysis alone. 

We will create powerful food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations customized specifically for you and we will guide you through that rebalancing process. 


Digestive Infections + Microbiome Balance

Our go to test for assessing digestion and digestive infections is The GI MAP (Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus). It s an at-home stool test used to investigate pathogenic infections and microbiome imbalances in the digestive system., plus inflammatory and digestive markers. A balanced digestive system is absolutely essential for optimal health. Because digestive issues often do not present with digestive SYMPTOMS, testing is essential. 

Digestive infections are often a hidden barrier to achieving your health and wellness goals. When the wrong species of parasites, bacteria, works or fungus take over the intestinal tract, it can result in a wide range of health problems including:


Belly pain, poor digestion, leaky gut, allergies, food sensitivities, autoimmune disease, skin disorders, joint pain, arthritis, hypothyroid, stress, adrenal stress, headaches, migraines, stress, brain fog, sugar cravings, malnourishment, constipation, diarrhea, gas, anxiety, depression, inflammation and more.
Learn More About the GI MAP


Food Sensitivities + Autoimmune Reactions 

We work with several great food sensitivity tests. We investigate inflammatory reactions to foods and immune and autoimmune reactions. During our work together, we will identify whether testing is an important step for you and which test makes the most sense for your needs. 

Understanding your food sensitivities and immune reactivity is essential to any rebalancing protocol and for the body to heal. When we remove inflammatory foods, it gives our bodies a chance to heal rather than spiral into worse and more serious serious health problems. It can also be important in calming down autoimmune flares and achieving autoimmune remission. 


Inflammation, bloating, cramping, painful bumps on the tongue, exhaustion, brain fog, hungry all the time, binge eating, asthma, joint pain, stress, headaches/migraines, heart palpitations, struggling through life.


We offer a detailed and comprehensive blood panel with over 55 individual markers including thyroid autoimmunity, lipids, iron markers, sugar markers, inflammation and immune markers, and more.

Clients will receive our in-depth, functional analysis of your results. We will go over results with you so that you understand what your blood results mean and how they relate to your health challenges and symptoms. We look for early signs of imbalances and use tighter, functional ranges in analyzing your patterns and tendencies. Clients will gain life-long tools to understand their blood test results and how to use diet, supplements and lifestyle adjustments to maintain optimal balance.


Tired, cold, low energy, binge eating, inflamed, weight loss or gain, poor brain function, poor immune system, infections, anxiety, headaches, and many other symptoms can be related to this comprehensive test.
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