Digestive  Deep Healing

Digestion and food sensitivities go hand in hand. To heal the digestive system, we remove inflammatory foods, while eradicating pathogens in the gut. Deep rebalancing of the ecosystem and functions of digestion. 

Digestion must work correctly in order for the rest of the body to be healthy. Good digestion supports brain function, good skin, balanced hormones, stable mood, and calms down inflammation and food sensitivities. Whether you suffer from digestive infections, or poor digestive or absorptive capacity, inadequate digestion will spiral into all kinds of other chronic conditions and this package helps prevent that. 

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Digestive Pain

Belly pain, gas, bloating, constipation, loose stools are not normal or optimal. There is no need to suffer endlessly with these symptoms. This package takes a good look at what's causing these. uncomfortable and often embarrassing symptoms. We'll help you normalize these troubling issues and get on with your life. 

Comprehensive Deep Healing 

  • We will meet about every two weeks throughout the package. During these sessions we will review your lab test results, develop a theory of the case, prioritize your healing needs, and create and fine tune supplement, dietary, mindset and lifestyle protocols. We will support you every step of the way. Can be divided into shorter sessions as desired. ($1,500)
  • GI MAP Digestive Stool Test. This is an at-home test kit requiring one stool sample. It tests for microbiome sufficiency, digestive infections, digestive function, and inflammation in the digestive tract. This test helps us see if you need to eradicate bacteria, candida, worms or protozoa. It shows us if we need to support digestive function and if so what parts. 
  • Food Sensitivity Test. Food sensitivities go hand in hand with digestive function. Poor digestion can lead to increasing food reactivity. We remove inflammatory foods to  assist in the digestive healing process. This is a blood test. 
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel. We do a full systems look at your blood chemistry markers to see exactly what is out of balance. You will receive a functional analysis "report card" that shows what issues are important for you to monitor and address. We recommend a yearly retest to monitor. (Value $600)
  • Functional Analysis and Custom Protocol Creation: We analyze all of the information collected above to create a customized plan of action for you. We make adjustments over time as we see how your body responds and reacts. (Value $3,500)
  • Nourish + Flow: WISDOM online program.
  • Email / Text Support. If you get stuck, have questions, or need support, I'm here for you. Clients are encouraged to keep in touch, ask questions and make the most of this package feature. I am here for you between meetings as much as needed. Includes 6 months of email/text support. 

Ongoing Support: Eligibility to book single sessions as needed forever after this package is complete.  

Additional Costs: 

  • Supplements: Plan to spend money on high quality  supplements. Cost will vary depending on protocol needs. About $500-$1,500 over 6 months. Clients receive a 15% discount through my online dispensary.
  • Retest: We recommend retesting at about month 5 so that we can end the package knowing how well it went and what your next steps and future priorities are. Clients can decide if they want to retest some or all of the lab tests. 

Who's It Good For

If you have troubling digestive symptoms and nothing seems to work, this is the deep dive package that you need. Also, many people without obvious digestive symptoms are still plagued by underlying, hidden digestive imbalances. We can analyze your issues in advance to determine if this package might be helpful for you.   


“My digestive system gives me no problems whatsoever anymore - in both directions. Nothing weird comes up or down.”

“I felt so supported recovering from serious GI surgery. When the doctors were done with me, I still needed so much help recovering and I could not have figured it out alone.”

“One month off of my reactive foods and my debilitating menstrual symptoms melted away. I barely knew my period was coming.”

“I learned that my body is not my enemy. The months of careful eating, the money spent on supplements, lab tests and consultations was well worth it. I now know that I don’t have to be in constant battle with my body and that is quite a priceless gift to have given me.”

“After months of serious work together, I can even go back to eating foods that caused problems before, with no digestive issues. I’m in awe of the changes I am feeling and my renewed freedom.”

“Your ability to finesse the connection between lab test results, infections, inflammation, food strategies, supplements and my own personal barriers to change was quite remarkable. I am so glad to have found you. My belly doesn’t hurt anymore and I feel that you unlocked a new zest for life that I didn’t know I had at this age.”

“The depth of your insight into my digestive system and inflammatory issues was huge. I had no idea this level of care existed. I am recommending you to all my friends. It really seemed like everyone has digestive conditions and we thought it was a normal part of aging. I am amazed by how much my body has changed after this intensive work.”