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Paleo-style dietary advice

Jan 17, 2019

Real Food, Lots of plants, High Quality Animal Protein & Natural Fat

There is no one exact diet that will be exactly right for all people at all times. However, there are definitely some general principles required for a healthy body and happy mind that everyone should be aware of and work into their dietary strategies.

The basic strategy when balancing macronutrients like carbs, proteins and fat is to think about a ratio of about of your calories from each. Make adjustments from there...

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Eat Healthy Fats

Jan 17, 2019

Most Americans are deficient in fat.

Fat is needed in the body to provide a consistent, long burning source of fuel - so we aren't hungry all day. Fat is converted into phospholipids which make up cell membranes. Healthy cell membranes are necessary for every function in the body to operate successfully. Fats are necessary for healthy liver function and building healthy bile. Bile is vital in fat digestion and in elimination and detoxification.

Fats are also required for absorption of fat...

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