Top reasons you need functional nutrition along with your medical care.

Jul 15, 2021

This has been a summer of recalibration. I have been seeing people ready to move from the pandemic space of white knuckled let's just get through it, into a time of more thoughtfully caring for ourselves, and for healing. 

I am proud to be on the forefront of the functional nutrition movement. We combine the most current science and modern tools with a progressive and realistic understanding that the body has an insatiable drive to heal. We understand that the modern lifestyle, stress, toxic exposure and denatured food system is harming us immensely. We understand how to heal from these modern assaults and restore the body. 

One of the hardest parts of this work is illuminating how important it is for anyone with health issues to do functional healing along with their medical care, particularly because the medical profession, by and large doesn't understand this yet. Medical care is just one piece of the the puzzle and more geared to supporting people through acute emergencies. It does not help us heal from chronic conditions, avoid medications, avoid surgery or overcome a diagnosis. In functional nutrition, this is exactly our sweet spot. 

Functional nutrition is not just about what to eat. It is more about how to heal.It is about identifying the underlying causes of health conditions and healing the body systems to give ourselves the best chance at being highly functional, stable, clear headed, and happy human beings. 

I love working with people at the point where their doctor is beginning to recommend medications but they still have time, maybe 6-12 months or so, to see if they can get serious about healing naturally instead and avoiding meds or surgery. Where doctors tools are medications and not healing, in functional nutrition, we have different tools. We can truly bring about deep healing which will help you feel better and have a better life than any medication ever could. 

This is absolutely not to say that I am anti-modern medicine at all. Modern medicine is quite amazing and powerful too and I have great respect for what it does well. I use BOTH to manage my own health. I simply understand that now is the time for us all to learn to integrate the two modalities. We need to learn to communicate better between the sectors, to utilize functional healing modalities when best, and to utilize medical modalities when that would serve us best.

We live in an amazing world and if you are ready for a new window into what your body needs to experience life to its fullest, to make the most of all of the healing capacity that we have available, to take charge of your health and life, I would love to work with you. 

I HIGHLY recommend and invite you to join my full ONE YEAR program. This includes private sessions, investigative top-of-the line lab testing, powerful and deep functional analysis, and even more powerful healing protocols. This is a full support, one year, private package geared for deep healing, recalibration and major rebalancing. 

I look forward to supporting you or your loved ones. Please feel free to forward this post to loved ones in need of help. 

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LMN Newsletter, August 2021