Nourished 2020

I so often talk with people who are overwhelmingly hesitant about the very act of STARTING nutritional therapy because they believe it will mean RESTRICTION and DEPRIVATION. That belief creates fear, anxiety and activates all kinds of negative triggers and paralysis.

MYTH: Deprivation makes us healthier
TRUTH: To get healthier, we need NOURISHMENT + Abundance, not deprivation.

Every single client I have ever worked with starts off malnourished. Let that sink in. Everyone is trying to so hard to "diet", to restrict, to deprive themselves of the vital nutrients they need for their bodies and brains to function. It's no wonder it doesn't work! The body fights for balance, homeostasis and it will not relax until it is fully, deeply nourished.

A Magnificent Disconnection

Our cultural belief that restriction and deprivation are holier than nourishment and meeting the true needs of our bodies demonstrates a magnificent disconnection from the immutable requirements of what it takes to power a human body.

Anxiety, depression, stress, muscle and joint pain, poor sleep, binge eating are all symptoms of deprivation, malnourishment.

Are YOU READY to be nourished in 2020?

Are you ready to see more clearly, to feel more energized, happy and at peace in your own skin? Are you ready to learn what a human needs to eat to feel good and thrive? Are you ready for support to help you create lifelong habits so that good, wholesome, nourishing food flows easily and deliciously through your life?

90 Minute Special

This special holiday offer is a discounted, 1-session, 90-minute, investigation into what your body really needs. When your body becomes nourished, it will finally relax. Feel the stress melt away in 2020

I promise you, it will be more fun than you think it will be! If you feel an urgency to connect more deeply with the needs of your body and to learn to gracefully honor those needs, this discounted 90-minute session is an excellent place to start your 2020 Reconnection!

Wishing you a happier, healthier New Year. Let's rock 2020 together! 


Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash