PODCAST INTERVIEW: Let's Talk Taste w/ Sherry Hess

Sep 15, 2021
herry Hess, Tedx speaker and founder of The Flavor Remedy, interviews professional functional nutritionist, Liz Morgan. Liz guides her clients on how to become

In this episode, Sherry Hess, Tedx speaker and founder of The Flavor Remedy, interviews professional functional nutritionist, Liz Morgan. Liz guides her clients on how to become "wise and loving caretakers of their own body." Liz and Sherry discuss how flavor and taste are part of the built in wisdom of our bodies and trusting our sense of taste improves our relationship with food. Liz and Sherry both appreciate delicious connection between flavor, health and the importance of growing food that is nutritionally dense and more sustainable for the planet.



My big goal for this year it to talk more! There is a new story that our culture needs to hear and embody and become in order to heal ourselves and the planet. The healing of both go together.

Sherry and I have a really interesting conversation about how flavor is a guidepost to nutrient density and to regenerative farming practices. When food is grown in healthy, alive soils that sequester carbon, it also tastes better and is healthier and more healing for our bodies!

Sherry and I both believe in cutting through the fake food frenzy and connecting people to the decadence, deliciousness and healing that comes from eating wholesome, real, flavorful foods. 

I know you're going to enjoy this episode!


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