It's time for a great healing. Of the people. Of the ecosystems. Of the Food Culture.

Oct 15, 2021

I'm not into the new agey myth that we each are responsible for our own happiness. I believe we live in a society and the realities of the culture and the oppression and the barriers that we have no control over have a huge impact on our lives. There are many many many people in this world who truly live in oppression, who don't have the privileges and the luck of birth and circumstance to simply shift their perspective a little bit and live a life of realized actualized joy. In the new agey space, victims of brutality, oppression, imperialism racism, sexism etc are often told to just lift yourself, work harder, etc. I think that's bullshit.


I do think joy is a cultural commodity.

It is a personal and cultural possibility.

When we can, how we can, alone and together, there are ways to cultivate joy.

Let's do more of it. Spread more of it. grow the possibility of it. Find more ways to make it so and make it grow throughout the culture. Yes, perhaps we start with ourselves, and then we wish the blessing of joy to all beings.

A food system that makes people, animals and ecosystems healthy and vibrant is one way to spread joy. We heal ourselves, the earth, the culture


Does it ever feel like we are spinning together on an insanity wheel far above the earth? Does it ever feel like solutions are so obvious but everyone's refusing to grasp them, to take them on, to live them? Instead waiting for someone else to make the changes, to do better.

I saw a post this morning about the Dannone/Horizon mega-corporation cancelling 89 dairy farmer contracts. The post was begging B corp to kick them out. was begging people to sign a petition.

Guys! This is not a solution. When will we stop begging oligarchs to stop doing bad things and expecting them to agree?

They won't.

We, people, humans on earth must buy milk and food and other goods as much as possible, more directly, more locally, more regionally. From real people.

We have to undo our over reliance of the big, the bad, the careless gobblers of wealth and materials and decency.

And focus instead on the smaller, the human scale, the good, the mindful, the real, the earthly, the connected.

We must live into and embody the culture we want. Now. Today. Start somewhere.