I'm doing everything my doctor tells me to do. Isn't that enough? Isn't that all that can be done?

No. No. Resounding no!

One of the biggest, most dangerous myths in modern society is that doctors know everything about everything when it comes to caring for our bodies and brains. 

Like every profession, doctors have a zone of genius and it does not extend to everything needed to care for ourselves. It does not extend to nutrition. It does not extend to root cause analysis. it does not generally even extend to overcoming and recovering from chronic disease or chronic symptoms. 

Have you ever gone to a doctor and they have told you it was all in your head? It seems to 1950s but this still happens all the time.

Have you ever gone to a doctor and they have told you there is no known cause for your health condition? Or they have brushed it off as genetic? In functional nutrition, we do not consider these statements adequate modes of understanding the real situation. We do understand that there is a better roadmap for care and recovery.

The fact is we do know a lot about why your health conditions are happening and we do know a lot about how to unwind the problems. 

If your doctor tells you we don't know... seek out a functional professional who does know some things about how to help your body heal. You deserve it. Don't take "nothing can be done" for an answer. If you feel like crap and you haven't found the person who can help yet, keep looking. 

For example, if you have signs of blood sugar dysregulation... are you going to wait for full-blown diabetes and then start on insulin and then wait for your circulation to get so bad you need an amputation? Why? No! There is so much beyond medical care that can be done to save that limb, to reverse the worst outcomes, to help you lead a happy and healthier life. 

If you have digestive pain and distress and your doctor does a scope and tells you there's nothing there, are you going to wait for it get worse and worse until your doctor can diagnose some horrible disease? Why? No! We can manage it so much better early on and often reverse the worst of it. 

There is so much beyond medical care that can and really must be done to keep you in tip-top shape. Don't give up just because what your body needs is not in the scope of medical care. That's ok! Look further. We now have a whole thriving profound life-changing field of functional nutritional therapy. 

We investigate differently. We eat differently. We supplement differently. There is so much hope beyond medical care!