What I learned about wine from my food sensitivity test

May 15, 2021

A few moths ago I started feeling not good (like hungover, but different) after even one or two glasses of wine. But only sometimes. WHY SOMETIMES? I absolutely couldn’t figure it out… Until my MRT test results came back. 

I will admit that this year, the occasional couple of glasses of wine, a few times a month became much more frequent due the languishing stress and mind numbing seclusion of the pandemic, and other massive life stressors. 

I ate too much sugar, drank too much wine, exercised and socialized too little. I was concerned that my liver was struggling and I did a slew of liver testing. Everything looked great. Honestly, really good even from a functional perspective, especially considering the embarrassing amount of alcohol and sugar I consumed this year. SO WHAT WAS IT?

Well, it turns out there's a chemical used in wine and beer production called potassium metabisulfite that I am currently reacting very strongly to. The image above is a screenshot from my MRT results. You can see this chemical is showing up as a very strong red indicating significant reactivity.

The MRT is a food sensitivity test that I use to help my clients identify foods currently causing inflammation and distress in their bodies. These reactions change over time as the body changes. As we help the body heal, the reactions generally will calm down. If on the other hand, the digestive and immune systems worsen, these reactions will generally get worse.

Seeing the potassium metabisulfite results gave me so much clarity about how I was feeling and why my body was reacting in certain ways. For example, this chemical is also used as preservative for potatoes and sometimes dried fruit. I had noticed that I became inflamed and foggy when I ate products with potato starch but when I made a potato at home, I was fine. This explained it!

To top it off, I was also having a mild inflammatory reaction to grapes, as you can see in the screen shot above! The combination of grape and potassium metabisulfite in wine was really problematic. 

Far from feeling restricted, I now feel so much more food freedom because I know exactly how to keep myself functioning and feeling stable. I will avoid this chemical for 3-6 months and retest to see what has changed. 

Watch the video to hear a more in depth discussion about why I was having this super mysterious reaction to wine and why my food sensitivity test created more FOOD FREEDOM, not less. In the video, I also review my entire MRT results and discuss how it compares to previous tests I've done anyhow things change and improve over time.