A Higher View

There is a higher view
A place from which
We can see your health issues
Your troubles
Your pain

And connect it all
To your trauma
Your food
Your stress
Your digestion
The way it all works together
Or fails together

Is anyone ever sick with just one thing?
Not for long

There is a higher view
Where we can listen closely
To the whispers
And the cries of your organs
Your brain
Your deepest feelings of not good enough
And struggle

There is a higher view
Where we can see what needs to be done
To piece the puzzle
And put you back together

So you can live in your body
Less broken
More you

There is a higher place
In the heart of truth
On the edge of science

Beyond medical care
We can discover
And honor
The depths of human need
The depths of your immutable needs

#functionalnutrition #beyondmedicalcare


Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash