The astounding power of a wholesome, balanced, nontoxic diet

Aug 15, 2021

People often come to work with me asking if they should go keto or vegan right away. I look at their food journal ... and realize it's not a matter of needing to do something extreme like that. It's usually more a matter of actually just creating a wholesome, balanced diet.  

Not an everything in moderation diet. This term drives me crazy because processed, toxic food that we have become so complacent with have taken up far far far too much space in our food system. It's not food. It shouldn't be considered any sort of acceptable when it comes to devising a proper human diet for earthlings. The poison has to come out. 

A good balance of real food though - healthy fats, lots and lots of veggies, whole foods carbs and humanely raised animals proteins. 

The big thing that most people need is not an extreme diet like keto or vegan, but removing the toxic ingredients and going for more wholesome and real foods. Remove the pesticide residue, the additives in processed foods, even the so-called "natural flavors."

Why do we ignore the toxic chemicals? As if we are superhuman and getting poisoned doesn't apply to us. 

People wonder why they don't feel good, can't stabilize their weight, have allergies, feel nauseous, can't perform mentally or physically, have worsening health conditions. 

Are you're any to transition into a wholesome, healing and nontoxic lifestyle? I shtik you deserve it! Are you ready t unlock the healing wisdom of your body? Are you ready to become a more wise and loving caretaker of your own amazing body?

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There is nothing moderate about habitually ingesting toxic chemicals.