Women's Circle Video

May 15, 2022

A NEW Women's Circle is forming and I'd love to have you if you're interested in exploring the connection between personal and planetary health and regeneration. Join to activate meaningful change for personal and planetary healing. Transform the food culture to one is delicious, decadent and deeply heals people and planet. Program STARTS JUNE 1, 2022! LEARN MORE here.

Video Transcript

So I designed this women's circle around the things that I really love. You know, in marketing, they tell us get to know your audience, how do what does your audience wants help with? What are they seeking answers to? And I know my audience is really worried about these big issues that I'm worried about, like, what the heck is going on with our food system? Why do people feel sick every time they eat? Like, why do people have such a weird relationship with food? And their why our bodies breaking down?

And how can we like deal with that better, more gracefully, and also the big issues of climate change and species extinction, and our farming system, our food system, packaging, single use disposable packaging, like I know, the people who are going to want to come into this program care about all this stuff. And when I was designing this program, I was really thinking about what do I love? Like, what do I love. And I love solving big problems. And I love working in community to solve big problems. And so that was like, the guiding principle for me, wasn't so much thinking, like, what's keeping other people up at night? What do I feel really compelled to talk about? What do I think is the most pressing things. And so along with solving big problems, like climate change, and our chronic health epidemic, and our relationship with food, you know, I've really seen over the years, how much people struggle with their relationship with food with their own body, and with what to feed their families.

And so we're going to be getting into all of that. I also love, love q&a, I love just like off the cuff answering questions. And so that's really going to be part of it, too.

There'll be lots of content, I've got lots of prepared content for you, there will be some, you know, plenty of info and lessons on how our bodies work, and what's going on with the food system and things like that. But there's also really going to be plenty of time for q&a. Because I think people with my private clients, that's like, where the role like genius kind of pops out. It's like, when someone asked me the question, like the question that has been roiling them that they just need to know like, Well, okay, what is my digestive system anyway?

Like, what is it? How does it work? Or, you know, wait, everybody, you mean everybody, you know, yeah, I have an eating disorder. Doesn't everybody? Yeah, you have a horrible

you know, thoughts about food, like, doesn't everybody. That's when we really want people really get get into their hearts and really explore like, what

questions do you really need answered? That's when I think the conversation is really, really interesting.

So I love solving big problems. I love q&a, and we're gonna do a lot of both of those. And I'm just so excited for this program. It's really different than what I've done before. Because it really is about cultural change, but really transforming the food culture into one that deeply heals people and planet. And it is delicious, decorative, fun, enjoyable.

But there will also be tons of personalized health, functional nutrition healing work, also, because I think a lot of people tried to go save the planet without really understanding their real connection to it. And it's clear to me that in order to understand what the planet needs from us, we need to learn what we need from it.

Also, like we need to learn how to heal our own selves first, because we are all struggling so much, we don't even really know what it means and feels like and looks like and what the experience is of really, truly being human on Earth, like in a connected way where we're eating real food, where we're well nourished where we're not, you know, bombarding our bodies with toxic chemicals every day, just by being alive and being normal in America.

So we really have to figure out what our own body's needs first, or alongside figuring out what the planet needs from us because it's got to work hand in hand. It's just got to work hand in hand, our duty as humans is a loving and wise caretakers of planet Earth. And in order to do that we have to care for ourselves as well. We're creatures of the Earth, just like all the rest, except that we have this special special duty of care for all life on Earth. So we're going to be getting into all of this, I hope you'll join me this really is about sharing, discussing collaborating on the things I love, for the purpose of making our society better for us all.

And for really thinking about food culture, functions, it's healthy for people that's healthy and restores life to planet earth. And that's a food culture that we can pass down to the generations and be really proud to pass down to the generations. Kids are suffering to the really scared about climate change.

They're teenagers, and I hear about a lot of younger kids. Health is not good right now. Mental and physical. And as the wise women, elders of society, it's our job to change the culture. And how do we do that? We talk about it, we just talk about it, we talk about what are we willing to accept? What are we willing to accept? In this food culture? I hear a lot of institutional food providers like schools and big companies talk about cost, like cost is a barrier to providing a proper food system. I disagree with that. I think it's culture.

Culture is the barrier, not cost culture is what we agree to collectively. And so that's really what I'm wanting to shift together. We heal ourselves. We heal the Earth, we heal the food culture, we decide. We decide what we're willing to accept. Are we willing to accept kids being fed total junk that makes them not feel good? That harms their health forever in schools? Are we willing to accept 15 minute lunch periods in schools? I mean, these things do not set the good and proper food culture.

We won't be only talking about schools, of course, this isn't geared only for parents at all. But as an as examples, you know, what are we willing to accept? And let's talk it through, and let's change the norms and let's create a real food culture that works. That's fun that we love that makes us feel good. Okay, I'll see you soon. Let me know what questions you have for me.