We are not lizards. We cannot grow back a tail (or a leg) if it has been lost. However, our human bodies have a huge ability to heal themselves.

My clients come to me broken and struggling and feeling like they don't belong. They have some sense that eating better might help them feel better. They have some sense that fixing their digestive system might help them. But they generally don't realize how big the  transformation they are about to experience is going to be. They don't realize the full healing potential of their body or what that will mean for their ability to live their lives more powerfully. 

I love seeing my clients heal. I love seeing my clients feel better and connect and participate in their lives. I love seeing that spark of light ignite in their eyes. I love when they explain to me what has changed for them. I love the renewed hope they have for their lives. I see and I feel their excitement along with them. 

The part that really gets me, that makes me literally cry each time a client explains it to me, is seeing them awaken into the knowledge that their body has the ability to heal, and that they can be an active participant in that healing process. They realize, because they feel it and experience it no matter how sick they were when we started, that their body has an amazing capacity to put itself back together. They have learned how to be active participants serving their own body's needs and they are excited to use this knowledge for the rest of their lives to manage and nurture their physical and mental wellbeing.

That is the lesson that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Waking up feeling good every day is a huge win. Having energy to enjoy our lives is a huge win. Having the mental clarity and focus to make our dreams come true is a huge win. Overcoming depression and anxiety is a huge win. Gaining confidence is a huge win. 

All of these symptomatic wins are just evidence of the big thing which is that our bodies can heal and that we can control that healing process. This knowledge gives us the ability to go forward in our lives knowing that when things go awry, we can handle it. We are not beholden to the inevitability of genetics or ever worsening of chronic disease. They have seen a peak into the hidden miracles of our body's ability to heal and that is quite a new way to go through life for most people. 

The body can be unleashed to heal itself.

I'm not saying that every disease can be cured with functional nutrition or functional medicine, but I am saying that the chronic symptoms most Americans are suffering with, are a result of poor diet, poor digestion, digestive infections, food sensitivities, inflammation, toxic burden, stress and lack of rest and hydration. These things, at least, we can deal with. We can at least relieve some of the burdens that our blocking our ability to feel good.

The body can heal. Not from everything. Not always completely. But nutritional therapy gives the body such a huge leg up in the process. Even if your health conditions require further protocols or medical treatment to get them under control, Nutritional Therapy is the essential first step. No other treatments, recommendations or protocols will ever work as well as they could unless you integrate these essential tools first.