Human Culture - Our role as caretakers not destroyers

Feb 01, 2022

It's just too much for me to bear - the idea that humans MUST be brutal, destructive, harm the earth, harm animals, destroy soil JUST simply to live. This is a false notion of inevitability, a false idea about what it means to be human.

We are supposed to tend the life of planet earth with love and compassion. We are supposed to enjoy and celebrate great food. We are supposed to connect to a healthy earth through wholesome food. Our bodies are meant to thrive, to feel joy, to be strong.

Choosing more food from regenerative organic farms makes healing and life and vitality the thing that is inevitable.

Together we can and must transform the food culture to one that makes people and planet healthy! The party's over here. Join me!

If we join together, we can make simple, enjoyable, decadent actions lead to big, profound, culture shaking impact. It's 2022! Will you join me to buy more from regenerative organic farms this month?