Liz Morgan Nutrition - is now - People & Planet Healing Solutions

Jan 15, 2022

Hi! I'd love to update you on changes happening here at Liz Morgan Nutrition, now People & Planet Healing Solutions! Obviously, the name change! 

Liz Morgan Nutrition was a clinical, functional nutrition, tele wellness clinic focused on deep healing for humans and the planet. I feel that I outgrew the name and it became too small for the work I wanted to do, and also didn't inspire people into the full breadth and depth of the healing focus. 

In 2015, I began my formal studies in human nutrition, specifically with a focus on functional nutrition. I was fascinated and gained a life-changing understanding about how the body breaks down and how food and lifestyle upgrades can help fix it, especially by reconnecting us to more natural foods and ways of living.

I had long been interested in the connection between food, health and sustainability. I had long sought answers to  questions like: How are humans meant to live and thrive on planet earth? How is culture best organized to support healthy food systems, ecosystems, healthy people and a healthy culture? I had always felt that our American culture wasn't exactly getting everything right in these areas just yet. 

I went to nutrition school because I saw how much people were struggling with their health. Individual healing seemed like an urgent priority that I just had to know a lot more about.

What does it take to be a healthy, happy, strong, functioning person? 

What I learned is that everyone is struggling against an unhealthy Food Culture in their attempts to be healthier. To eat wholesome, real, not processed, not toxic foods is really hard in this society. (not to mention the stress levels!)

After diving into the fascinating and complex minutia of personal healing (with a focus on digestion, chronic pain, autoimmunity, food and chemical sensitivities, stress, blood sugar and liver health), heart is pulling me towards work in the realm of cultural healing.

I am compelled by the idea that our Food Culture could support us to be healthy, eat well and thrive. It could support farmers and ranchers and local economies. It could help mitigate climate change by raising animals humanely, improving soil health and reducing food waste and packaging. It could help us fall in love with food again - nourishing, delicious, comforting food. 

My mission is to truly transform the food culture into one that makes humans and ecosystems healthy and vibrant. 

The new direction of People & Planet Healing Solutions is to give me a chance to work not only with individuals, but with communities and community groups to activate this vision more fully.

I am so deeply excited to lead groups to create projects to support this cultural transition! I'll be reporting back to on projects and what sort of impact the People & Planet Healing Solutions community is activating! 

Good food is one of the most wonderful things we get to experience in this world!

Together, we can make meaningful change and leave a functioning food system that supports human and planetary health to the next generations. What better legacy could we possibly leave?