If you are new to the study of digestion, I can't think of a first, opening sentence that could adequately prepare you to fully take in and appreciate the complexity and perfection of the miracle of the human digestive system. It is a remarkable series of hormonal cues and chemical reactions. It is a complex ecosystem in its own right. We depend on its elegant, precision to stay alive and healthy. And every time we eat food, we feed it. 

Digestive analysis and healing is important. If you've never taken a real look at your digestive system, and if you've never done any real work to help it to function with ease, I can't recommend it highly enough. So many of us suffer needlessly because our delicate, miraculous digestive system has gone out of balance. The good news, there's usually something that can be done to improve the situation - especially if dealt with earlier than later. 

The vital importance of identifying and resolving digestive inflammation, infections, and  impairments cannot be overstated. In fact, proper digestion is the foundation of functional medicine and functional nutrition.

Even if your condition is not obviously digestive, it is extremely likely that either:

  1. The root cause of the issue is digestive, or
  2. That your condition caused impairment in the digestive system.

Either way, you will never feel better if these digestive problems are left unresolved, and I can assure you, resolution requires far more that an over-the-counter probiotic. 

Start with the Foundational Essentials

I start my clients off with 2-3 months of dietary changes, stress reduction and lifestyle detoxification. I help my clients build strategies strategies for healthy living in modern times into their daily rituals. These practices are vital no matter what the health issue, and it is vital to get the body working as well as possible before moving into the next phase. 

At the end of this time, if the client feels amazing, that's great, and sometimes this is all that is required. More often though, a deeper functional dive is definitely required.

Deep Digestive Analysis

We will then move into the phase of our work together where I take a deep look, through state of the art digestive lab tests, into digestive inflammation, infections and impairment. This is when it gets even more interesting and where we can often resolve hidden causes of chronic symptoms. This is where functional nutrition really stands out from mainstream practices. Mainstream medicine and nutrition treats symptoms and diseases with medications or surgery rather than resolving root causes of symptoms themselves. If you're ready for your body to start working right again, this is for you!

If all of this sounds too technical and your brain is turning off, don't worry! I fully support my clients and make it as easy as possible for them to understand and be amazed by what's going on in their bodies. My clients learn what needs to be done to address their issues and what they can do to support vast improvement in how they feel, think and experience life in their bodies and minds.

Whether it's joint pain or anxiety, migraines or mood swings, skin eruptions or insomnia, sugar binges or weight gain, digestive health testing is absolutely vital. 

Your Next Move 

Learn more about the lab tests I use assist my clients in meeting their health, wellness and life empowerment goals. Digestive health is key to overall health and key to finding and cultivating the powerful lives we envision. What is your vision for a powerful life? And what is holding you back?

I'd love to hear from you to discuss your particular situation and whether my program can help!