Liz Morgan

Functional Nutritional Therapist

Liz Morgan, MA, NTP, RWP, JD is a Functional Nutritional Therapist and owner of Liz Morgan Nutrition. Liz sees private clients nationwide and helps people access the true joy that can only arise when we are fully nourished. She specializes in wholesome living, diverse + Nourishing eating, digestive impairments, digestive infections, sugar handling and food sensitivities.

Liz studied anthropology at Colgate University where she investigated ancient food systems and what it takes for cultures to thrive on this earth. Liz studied environmental law & policy at Vermont Law School where she focused on food systems and food security. Liz was a wilderness guide and helped people access their deep connection to nature. Liz is a wild food enthusiast and author of a Falcon guidebook on foraging for wild edible plants in the Rocky Mountains. She resides in the mountains of Colorado and is a yogi, a skier, a sustainability activist, and a political buff. 

After decades observing the health crisis and inherently understanding its connection to poor quality, toxic, malnourishing food, Liz became a Nutritional Therapist in 2016. Liz finds joy in wholesome living, real food, and in helping others access their highest self by regaining their health and natural energy through nutritional therapy.

Liz wants you to know that you have the potential to be happy and healthy, joyous, vibrant and strong. She wants you to know that you deserve it! That it is totally possible to tend our bodies so that they flourish beyond what most of us realize is possible. Our society has become complacent about feeling crappy and Liz wants to help you learn to create new structures in your life so that you can feel how good it is to be nourished and to flow. 

My Story

I was given a massive amount of antibiotics as an infant because of serious infections I contracted in the hospital. This wiped out my microbiome and prevented my digestive system from forming correctly.

Throughout my life, I was always hungry and ate more food than anyone I knew, but was malnourished because I wasn’t digesting it.

I had serious joint pain, exhaustion and developed a startling array of food sensitives over the years of leaky gut and having no idea how to manage or heal my body. I was so stressed out and anxious because I was in pain and malnourished. 

I had out of control sugar binges. I spent most of my life having no idea what it took to simply feel at ease in my body.

I didn’t know how to recognize what my body was telling me. Doctors told me I was fine but I knew that wasn’t the end of the story. I refused to get worse and worse because I knew I had a bigger, better life to lead.  

Once I learned to heal my digestive system and eat the right foods for my body, all of these other issues began to resolve too. 

I finally have flow in my food life. I am finally nourished.

I finally wake up with energy in the morning. I don't get hives and feel tired every time I eat. I finally feel full and satisfied and don't think about food constantly. My body doesn't hurt all the time. I haven't twisted my ankle in years. My skin is better. I go to sleep at a normal healthy time. 

If you'd like to learn how to bring nourishment and flow into your food life and unlock your true potential, your true joy and your true self, I would love to work with you. 


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