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Thank you for participating in the Beta Tester 2 round of Nourish + Flow! I could not be happier to have you here!

Your Practice

Please tell me a little bit about what your practice is like now and how you hope Nourish + Flow will support your work. What inspired you to sign up for this program?

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Hello Pro Beta Testers!


A big offer like this requires some attention to details, rules, expectations and legalities. I appreciate you taking the time to review and agree to these Terms of our Nourish + Flow relationship. A License to use Nourish + Flow will only be granted to those who complete all requirements. 


As a Beta Tester, You Are Required To: 


Provide Open, Honest Feedback

Beta Testers must provide open and honest feedback throughout the Nourish + Flow practitioner training program. Liz Morgan Nutrition is dedicated to continued improvement of the program and your contributions to increasing the elegance, relevance and utility of the program are highly valued. Participants are required to be on the lookout for errors of all kinds. Typos and substantive errors might be found throughout the course in written, video or other materials. We greatly appreciate you bringing these things to our attention.  



Complete all monthly testimonial and survey requests and at the end of the course. All beta-testers are required to complete all such surveys and requests by the deadline set for each.


Testimonials, comments or survey responses or other input shared may be used by Liz Morgan Nutrition and Nourish + Flow for marketing or other purposes. 

In general, we appreciate using your first and last name, state of residence, and professional designation (FNTP, RWS, etc). If you'd like to share a picture to go along with your testimonial that’s AWESOME but not required. 


In the case that you do not feel comfortable with your name, etc. being included, will be happy to accommodate privacy requests. Contact Liz Morgan to discuss: [email protected]


Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are encouraged but not required.  


Course Completion

In order to meet the requirements of the Nourish + Flow Beta Testers program, and activate your right to utilize licensed materials, beta-testers are required to Participate fully in the 3-month beta tester program.




The Beta Tester program is 3 months. There will be a one month grace period to complete all surveys, share contemplations, and submit testimonials. In the case of medical, family or other emergency, if an extension is required, please submit a request for an extension to Liz Morgan at [email protected]


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yes, I agree


no, I do not agree

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The intellectual property rights of the Nourish + Flow program are protected by copyright and trademark laws, and by a Licensing Agreement that you must sign and agree to. Liz Morgan Nutrition is the exclusive owner of Nourish + Flow and all program materials and intellectual property.


As a Nourish + Flow practitioner, you will be granted a one-year License to use Nourish + Flow materials. A license Agreement will be provided to you for signature. The license is renewable yearly. The license agreement will grant you the right to use materials provided in the Nourish + Flow program in your practice with private clients or for group programs. 



Licensee has the right to use Program and Course Materials in their own practice with their own clients. Licensee does not have the right to grant use of the Program or Course materials to its employees, coworkers, employers, supervisors, agents or assignees. 


Course Materials may not be altered in any way. Licensee may download, from the program website, Course Materials. Licensee may upload program materials to Licensee online course platform, or printed and used as handouts.  

When uploading materials to Licensee platform, Licensee must organize and create their platform and program exactly as done in the Licensor platform. The same materials, order and graphics must be used. 


Licensee may not change or modify Course Materials in any way except as specifically described in the licensing agreement. 


i.               VIDEO

Licensee may utilize Program Videos, slides and transcripts to create their own videos. Licensee is free to edit transcripts, use all or part, and create videos as long as they do not misrepresent the Course Materials. Licensor reserves the right to review and veto any video derivative works if they misrepresent the Course Materials

ii.              MARKETING

Licensee may use any promotional materials that are provided through the Licensor website and Canva shared files for their own marketing purposes. Licensee may develop its own promotional / marketing materials. Such materials must include Nourish + Flow logo and branding consistent with this license. Promotional materials may be cobranded with Licensee logo and branding. Licensee may modify or edit Program marketing materials or create their own. 

Licensee may not provide free samples of Course Materials for marketing purposes. Course Materials may not be used for marketing purposes unless otherwise agreed in writing. 


Licensor Online Course Platform: Licensee may utilize the Program on the Licensor’s online course platform. Licensee clients will be granted 1 year of access to the Program through the Licensor’s platform. Extension may be granted upon request by Licensee to Licensor. Licensee may enroll up to 50 clients at any one time on Licensor online course platform. 


Nourish + Flow Course Materials may not be offered for free to clients of Licensee. Cost set by Licensee for individual programs and packages is flexible but must fairly represent the value of the program and services offered.


Nourish + Flow may not be sold as a stand-alone or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product. Nourish + Flow must be used by Licensee as a guided program where Licensee actively supports the client through the process. A minimum of three (3) face-to-face sessions per client, per program are required. Face-to-face sessions can be group sessions or private client sessions. Face-to-face sessions can be conducted in person, by video or by phone.   


The yearly License shall terminate automatically on the 31st of January 2021 and on the 31st of January every year thereafter. Licensee is required to renew their license agreement prior to expiration in order to continue to utilize the program in any way. No additional yearly fee will be charged to Beta Testers.


Beta Testers will be pay a one-time fee upon registration. This entitles this Beta Tester group to lifetime use of the Program under the terms described herein so long as Licensee continues to comply with all license terms and signs a new agreement each year. Beta Testers will be granted access to future edits of the program at no additional charge. 


Licensee will be required to sign a license renewal agreement each year to renew their license and right to use the Program. 


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no, I do not agree

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The goal of the Nourish + Flow program is to support the ability of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners to walk their clients through the foundational essentials of nutritional healing with ease. The goals is also to provide a support system for Nourish + Flow practitioners as they move forward in their careers. 

When used appropriately, the information provided in this course can help improve symptoms and health but nothing in this program claims to diagnose or treat any specific disease or medical condition. This course will not provide medical diagnoses, medical treatments or medical cures, and no comment or suggestion should be construed as a medical diagnosis or medical  advice in any way whatsoever. Since every human being is unique, specific results cannot be guaranteed.


Hold Harmless Agreement


As a nutrition and wellness practitioner, and as a licensee of this program, you understand and accept that Liz Morgan Nutrition, Nourish + Flow and its instructors and agents are held harmless for any negative results you or your clients may experience under your guidance, even when using this program in full or in part.  


Everyone you work with in your professional practice is an individual, and therefore it is your responsibility as a practitioner to use your skills to assess and address potential reactions to any modality you choose to recommend.


The information in this course is not a substitute for an appropriate private wellness and/or healthcare provider. If you or your clients suffer from a medical or pathological condition, it is your responsibility to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider.


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