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Liz Morgan, MA, FNTP, RWP, JD

is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Liz Morgan Nutrition. Liz sees private clients nationwide and helps people access the energy and joy that can only arise when we are fully nourished. 

She specializes in wholesome eating, digestion, digestive infections, food sensitivities, stress, chronic pain, sugar handling, and support for autoimmune issues. 

Liz studied anthropology at Colgate University where she investigated ancient food systems and what it takes for cultures to thrive on this earth. Liz studied environmental law & policy at Vermont Law School where she focused on food systems and food security. Liz was a wilderness guide and helped people access their deep connection to nature. Liz is a wild food enthusiast and author of a Falcon guidebook on foraging for wild edible plants in the Rocky Mountains. She resides in the mountains of Colorado and is a yogi, a skier, a sustainability activist, and a political buff. 

Liz combines her passion for sustainable food systems with calm, meaningful personal change to help her clients thrive. 

Liz wants you to know it is totally possible to tend our bodies so that they flourish beyond what most of us realize is possible.

Our society has become complacent about feeling crappy and Liz wants to help you learn to create new structures in your life so that you can feel how good it is to be nourished, empowered and in flow. 

My Team

James Barry

Chef, Consultant & Kitchen Coach

When I was 13 years old, I made dinner for my parents for the first time. It was a tostada salad. But what I remember most is the feeling as they sat down and dug into that meal. I felt so much LOVE: love for my parents, the love that inspired me to cook for them, and the love they experienced as they enjoyed my dinner. The joy I felt was so palpable. I knew right then that this was something I had to do. 

In my college years I learned quickly the impacts of a junk food diet as I went screaming (literally) to the hospital in the agony of passing a kidney stone. Turns out a diet of root beer and pizza is not as sustainable as I thought… 

After studying at the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts in New York in 2004, I was a specialty chef for the Van’s Warped tour, I private cheffed for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, I founded and led the healthy LA-based meal delivery company, Wholesome2Go, for its first 8 years, and authored recipes for my own and others’ cookbooks, not least of which was that fateful collaboration with Margaret Floyd, which yielded two gorgeous girls, two cookbooks (the Naked Foods Cookbook and the Ultimate Immune Boosting Gummy Book), and a lot of lives transformed. 

These days I support clients with customized recipes and meal plans based on their specific dietary requirements, I author recipes for functional medicine practitioners (most recently Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean7), I consult for restauranteurs, train home kitchen staff, destination private chef and I inspire and educate people to take control of their health through their kitchen by speaking and teaching throughout North America. If you’ve got a special diet you’re following and don’t know what to eat, I’m the one who will help you figure it out, and make the experience not only doable, but delicious. 

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