Get the Nourish + Flow Curriculum!

The full 3 month program. Have a look at all that you will experience!

We all Need Extra Support These Days

In this online course with weekly live support group, you will learn the Nourish + Flow system for gracefully bringing more wholesome, nourishing food into your weekly food flow. Learn to understand and honor the needs of your body. Reduce stress. Improve digestion. Calm down sugar and carb cravings.


Full Support to be Grounded and Balanced in Stressful times.

You're invited to participate in the next round of Nourish + Flow. This will be a virtual group program with weekly live video meetings.




Lisa Olson, FNTP

"It will empower YOU to have the clarity and wisdom to know what works best for you and what does not. It will help you ditch the food shame, diet mentality, food obsession, and replace it with the awareness about what works for your body and lifestyle. Nourish +  Flow will lead you to make the transition to sustainable wellness." 

Ginger Martinson, FNTP

"One of my very favorite things about Nourish + Flow is that it's done in bite sized pieces with step-by-step instructions making it very doable. After each module you will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. I think it's this simplicity that is really setting someone up for success." 

Tonya Romano, FNTP

"Nourish + Flow is a great resource for anyone to use to start thinking about how they can make small changes in food buying, organization, prepping and planning. It provides methods that work for creating lasting change towards a healthy, happy kitchen filled with nutrient dense, whole foods." 

Samantha Lebicz, M.Ed, FNTP

"Nourish + Flow helps to simplify the confusing and conflicting information regarding nutrition and wellness by educating individuals on how to find their own personalized optimal diet."