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Nourish + Flow™ is a comprehensive 10-module program to jump-start your support strategies for private clients + groups. 

  • Contemplation exercises, Lessons, and Actions for your clients to keep them learning, inspired and experimenting for 12 jam-packed weeks, or spread it out over 6-12 slightly more leisurely months.
  • Never get stuck wondering what to do after the first 3 sessions again!
  • A done-for-you program-in-a-virtual-box complete with slides, transcripts, marketing materials. 
  • Created for the very beginner, just our of NTA School to jumpstart your new practice, AND for the seasoned advanced practitioner who wants to focus on advanced practice while also supporting their clients' needs for the foundational necessities. 
  • All the tools you need to empower your clients to recognize, honor and calm down their symptoms with essential food and lifestyle upgrades.
  • 3-month training program and business support group for you! Includes weekly live Zoom meetings and online group.
  • One-time fee. Yearly license renewal for no additional cost. 
  • Use our online platform, host the program on your own course platform, or download handouts to use offline. 


Curriculum + Testimonials

"Nourish + Flow is what you've been looking for. A thoughtful, kind and gentle approach to helping clients discover the rewards of the nourished life. So many clients are intimidated by harsh programs. This gentle approach is a nice fit for me." Barbara Bowman, NTP

"I love that it's a done-for-you program that you can immediately implement with your clients to keep them on track, that they can easily refer back to, and not to mention it's aesthetically beautiful. It is something you will feel proud to share with your clients and will help ensure their success." Ginger Martinson, NTP

"Nourish + Flow can help you streamline the education portion of your client work, saving you time and giving your clients a way to move through the material in such a way as to make actionable habit change." Kelly Johnson, NTP

"It's that missing link that will support your clients long term. Its is presented in a way that makes it simple to understand and allows our clients to work through the MODS at their own pace. " Lisa Olsen, NTP

More Testimonials

From NTA Grads just like you!

"This is a superb way to support your clients with a foundational understanding of deep nourishment. Use it as an add on to the work you are doing with individual clients, or in groups. You will save yourself so much time by not having to reiterate over and over the same things to your clients." Cheryl Washenko, NTP

"A comprehensive done-for-you program to give your clients actionable tools to improve their health. All the work is done for you - just set up your sales page and go!" Cindy Santa Ana, NTP

"I am enjoying the program and I really think you have put together something special. Thank you for sharing." Tonya Romano, NTP 

"Although our work with clients is specific to their bio-individuality,  Nourish + Flow provides practitioners with a solid framework for educating clients on the general information that all clients will benefit from in their process to healing. This program will save you from personally repeating the same information time and time again to each individual client." Samantha Lebicz, NTP 

"This would definitely give new grads the much needed confidence in how to go about seeing and coaching clients. I had experience with hospital patients and still would have loved to have had this program to help re-balance clients from the start." Rosanna Monteleone, NTP

"I think what you've put together is wonderful. I can't wait to release it to my clients." Cassandra Carpenter, NTP

"Nourish + Flow is a well laid out, step-by-step program, with handouts, to support our clients through each step of the process. This program can help us guide our clients through a paradigm shift from the very beginning - even the simplest steps that we may sometimes forget about because they are second nature to us. The marketing materials are beautifully done and can be customized to our branding and needs. I also really like that this can be used either as a group program or in individual work with someone. There is so much flexibility in how we can structure it too: 10 consecutive weeks for someone who is ready for that intensity; Working a module every other week; Working a module every month; Integrating individual sessions throughout the program when using it as a group experience..." Debbie DeSimone, NTP

"Nourish + Flow is an amazing program that will assist you in coaching your clients. It is very comprehensive with step-by-step modules to take each client through the process of making the changes required for optimal health. Everything we learned through the NTA is in this program!! Liz has taken everything you need to coach each individual and put it in a pretty package." Donna Wagnitz, NTP

"If you do not want to re-create a foundational program, this one has it for you! 10 modules of basics that set your clients up for mastering the foundations of real food along with the basics of digestion and blood sugar which are so important!" Sherri McHenry, NTP

"I love the flow of the program, the outline, and all the information. I think it's awesome we are all fine-tuning it together. It has so much valuable information." Erika Zewiey, NTP

"This is a great program! I really like so much about it - the design, flexibility, accessibility, contemplations, guidance...
It's clear Liz put a lot into this! I appreciate Liz's openness to changes and to sharing thoughts. I am enjoying being part of this collaboration and hope there can be opportunities to further connect with each other and work together in various ways. I love the team approach to everything!" Debbie DeSimone, NTP

"I've seen a sneak peak at this and you'd be CRAZY to miss out on this one friends. It is PURE GOLD and I'm not a band wagon lady - I vet things carefully before giving my opinion." Andrea Palumbo Dahlman, NTP 


What It Includes

  • A platform to support the growth and stability of your practice with ease.
  • Full access to the Nourish + Flow online program to use with your clients for no additional costs ever.
  • Access to future upgrades of the program and plenty of opportunity to suggest and collaborate on improvements. 
  • Weekly live Zoom calls for 3 months during the beta tester training program.
  • Use as a group program or for private clients. 
  • Your clients can enroll and have access to the online course. Use our hosted platform of transfer to your own.
  • Done-for-you Handouts and worksheets. 
  • Marketing Materials (add your own logo). 
  • A built in support system.

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Next Practitioner Training: June 1 - August 24, 2020

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