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When we feel better, life is so much Easier.

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A self-paced online course about how to eat right for your specific needs, PLUS what to do when wholesome diet alone isn't enough.


Wholesome, Nourishing Real Food

Learn what foods are wholesome and nourishing, and which ones aren't, plus where you have some wiggle room to experiment. Being fully, deeply nourished makes you feel good and when we feel good, life is Easier. 

Eating wholesome, nourishing real foods should be delightful. Our bodies need and crave real food now, just as they have for all of human history. This course will teach you my foundations for successfully getting back in touch with eating real foods and avoiding the packaged, processed, high sugar, toxic, malnourishing, addictive, disease causing junk that passes for food these days.

You'll have to be a bit rebellious to take control of your health and your food life. We will be stepping outside of the mainstream food system and learning how to rethink your food strategies. With the right tools and perspective, it can truly be a fun transition. 


Upgrade your diet & improve your digestion, stress and blood sugar handling systems. Learn how they are all connected and how you can control them!

Personalize Your Easy

Learn to make choices based on your actual needs, not a fad diet or what worked for a friend!

In this course, you will not only learn recommended nourishing foods to eat. You will learn how to make adjustments for your specific needs.

Personalizing your foods choices

You will learn to consider the following you-specific issues when devising your personalized plan:

  • where you are on the path towards a deeply nourishing, real foods diet.
  • Whether you know how to cook yet or not.
  • Your personal health challenges and your body's actual needs.
  • Your food sensitivities, allergies and digestive impairments.
  • Your blood sugar stability or dysregulation.
  • Your budget.
  • How much time you have to prepare meals.
  • Where in the healing process you are. These things change over time.
  • and so much more that we'll discuss throughout the course!

Structure Your Easy

Learn to exit the always-too-busy rollercoaster and make time to de-stress and nourish!

We all have the best intentions to eat well, to cook good food and to take great care of ourselves. But then we get busy, and stressed, and tired. This course will teach you how create the structures in your life to make your healthy intensions an Easy, totally doable, delicious and fun reality. 


Learn the cutting edge lessons of functional nutrition


The Make Life Easier Diet is an online course that will teach you how to use wholesome nourishment and a functional approach to nutrition, to Make Life Easier on Your Future Self.

Upgrade your diet & improve your digestion, stress and blood sugar handling systems. Learn how they are all connected and how you can control them!

This is a low stress course with no set rules. We teach you how to identify your own priorities, and set the right rules for you. We start the course by easing you into the Easier Mindset and cultivating a focus on what your Future Self needs. Then we discuss Foods That Make Life Easier, Wiggle Rooms Foods, and Foods That Make Life Harder. Next we’ll talk about creating the Structures in your life so that you can easily make the choices that will serve you best. We believe in structure not willpower. Then we Personalize Your Easy with specific info for your individual health needs.

When we feel better, life is so much Easier.

Throughout the course, you will learn what to do if diet alone isn’t working and how to more deeply investigate your body’s real needs. You will come away from the program with clear  strategies to use for the rest of your life to balance your health issues using wholesome nourishment and root cause analysis.

Whether you have tried healing diets in the past or are brand new to this way of thinking about food, this course will gently and enthusiastically walk you through the functional nutrition paradigm and teach you exactly how it can improve your life.

Are you struggling through each day inflamed, in pain, tired, foggy, stressed, angry, depressed or lacking the energy to enjoy your amazing life? The Make Life Easier Diet will show you how to alleviate these symptoms & unleash your true potential to be happy, healthy, vibrant and strong.

Are you ready to Make Life Easier On Your Future Self?

Let us walk you through the process and show you that life does not have to be so hard. When we feel better, life is so much easier.

The course is self-paced but you will receive weekly emails to keep you on track. Liz will be answering your questions in the comments section of the course platform daily throughout the course. So get ready to participate & engage!

Welcome to Easy.

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