Initial Investigation

This 90-minute session is the first step for our clients. In this session, you will gain a deeper understanding about what systems in your body are struggling and in need of support, how exactly we will go about supporting them, and we will prioritize recommendations for your next steps. 

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The philosophy behind this session is that in order to prioritize the right next steps, we need to do an investigation first. This session gives us immense insight. It helps us decide what package and protocols are right for you and sets the path for the next 3-6 months. 

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What's Included

  • One 90-Minute Session 
  • Comprehensive Functional Analysis. Prior to the appointment, Liz Morgan will conduct a functional analysis of the data you provide and will begin to develop a theory of the case about your most pressing underlying root causes and healing priorities. During the meeting, we will have plenty of time to fill in the details, ask questions of each other, and together discuss options for next steps.
  • Email / Text Support. This service includes 1 month of email or text support after the session. You are welcome to follow up with questions, input and discussion as needed for one month.
  • Functional Analysis of Blood Work. Upload any lab reports from your doctor and we will work this into the analysis as well. 
  • Food, supplement and lifestyle upgrade recommendations to get you started. 
  • New Client Intake Forms will be emailed to you. Those forms include:
  1. Health History and Initial Investigation Form
    This set of information helps us create a picture about how your health situation has unravelled over time. We are looking for real answers about what has caused what so that we can remove the mystery and put together a comprehensive healing plan that deeply addresses the many needs of your body. This form also helps us understand your most pressing concerns, your vision for your life and why you are motivated to do the work of functional nutrition to reclaim your vitality and get back to your vibrant self again. 
  2. 3-Day Food Journal
    This 3-day snapshot shows us your typical food flow and eating strategies. This gives us a clear understanding about what delicious and decadent nourishing upgrades might be needed to support your specific needs and healing priorities. We will talk about how we can guide you to make wholesome food upgrades to support your healing goals. 
  3. 300+ Question Symptom Survey
    This questionnaire correlates your symptoms to body systems like digestive, blood sugar, immune, hormones and puts your answers into an easy to understand bar graph to show you exactly which body systems are struggling and most in need of help. This visual helps guide our work for the next 3-6 months. Our clients love retaking the survey and seeing the bars lower indicating what they can already feel in their bodies – that their symptoms are subsiding, and their dedication and focus is paying off!
  4. Client Agreement / Scope of Practice Agreement
    We are not medical professionals and we do not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions. We do use a variety of tools, including lab tests, to reveal what is out of balance in your body. We help you bring balance and function back to your body systems so that you feel better, your lab markers improve and you can live life with more vitality and ease. This agreement details our scope of practice and what to expect. 

Your Investment: $300

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Functional Investigation

We will look deeply into questions about what is really causing your  health issues and what can be done to remove those instigators and replace them with healing, nourishing strategies and inputs. You will leave a clear set of priorities and next steps. You will leave this meeting with a clear sense of how to move forward and how we can help.

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Why We Love This Package

This is an easy, one session, low commitment way to begin to learn how the work of functional nutrition can benefit you. This is a work session and we will get down to business figuring out what your body needs and how to support you in the process. You will leave this session with a much more comprehensive understanding about what’s happening in your body, why you feel the way you feel, the possibilities available to you for healing and feeling better, and what steps will be needed to get you there. 

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Who's It Good For

If you are searching for answers to your chronic health issues this is the place to start. 


"Liz really listened. She asked all the right questions to lead me to understand why my health had unravelled. That alone gave me so many answers I'd been searching for. From this very first meeting I know I have found a partner who takes my health and recovery as seriously as I do, maybe more."

"After years of researching and trying to figure it out alone, I am so relieved. I have found someone who not only believes me, but has an action plan ready to go and is by my side to help me implement it! I feel confident for the first time in years." 

"I've never experienced such a thorough intake process with any medical or wellness practitioner. Liz is clearly trying to get to the bottom of my health mysteries... and with all the tools and info and strategies we discussed in our first meeting, I think she just might do it." 

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