I help people understand what their body is trying to tell them. Our bodies speak to us in the elegant and  persistent language of symptoms. When we ignore the whispers, our symptoms spiral into debilitating  health issues. Learn to hear and honor the needs of your body. Wholesome + natural strategies will help you become empowered.

You don't have to figure it out alone.

In this world of fad-frenzied nutrition advice, I’ll help you calmly identify the healing needs of your body and support you through the process. Learn what your symptoms mean, what's causing them and how to control them. Prioritize what's right for you. 

Are you ready to find ease and flow in your food life so that your beautiful body and brain can heal and thrive?



Create resiliency and calm down chronic symptoms. Personalized support in your nutritional empowerment journey.



Master the essentials of nutritional healing. Our Nourish + Flow program is offered online and in select cities.



Develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your own body. Gain life-long tools to navigate your changing needs. Work with us privately in one-on-one sessions or join a Nourish + Flow group. 

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