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Food is a powerful (and delicious!) tool to heal ourselves and the planet.

Join the movement to transform the Food Culture into one that is delicious, d decadent and deeply healing for People & Planet. Together, we can understand and honor the needs of our own bodies, transform the food culture, sequester carbon, and restore ecosystems. 


We offer private functional nutrition appointments and programs, DIY courses! I'm about to launch a new monthly women's circle to create conversation and action around personal and planetary healing. All are steps along the beautiful, life-long journey of empowerment around our health, trusting and loving our bodies, and in participating in a regenerative food culture that heals people and the planet! Let's get started!

Self-paced programs

Online Courses

Body Wisdom & Food Wisdom

  • Understand your body, what it needs, and how to meet those needs gracefully. 
  • A kind, caring, step-by-step program to transform your relationship with food and your own body.
  • Gain food confidence.
  • Support a regenerative, climate friendly, and humane food system.
  • Detoxify your bath and body products.

Learn how to transform your relationship with food and your own body. A decadent and joyful exploration into supporting the healing needs of your body.  




Women's Circle 

Join the group for personal and planetary healing!

  • Live virtual monthly meeting.
  • Health & wellness support system.
  • Personal Healing
  • Planetary Healing
  • Food Culture healing
  • Group Projects & Challenges
  • Access to your own functional nutritionist.
  • Bring a friend.
  • Annual membership bonuses.

Food is meant to be shared, joyous and comforting. Food is meant to be a force for good in this world. Sadly, the current food system is stressful and broken. I invite you to join me to reclaim a Food Culture that we love, that we are proud to pass on to our kids, and that deeply heals people and planet.

Join the Group!

Private Packages

Become a Client

1:1 functional nutrition support.

  • One-on-one sessions with your private, functional nutritionist.
  • Supported transformation on your nutritional healing journey. 
  • Understand the root causes of your chronic health challenges.
  • Gain wisdom about what your body and brain need to function well.
  • Support your own health, stability and empowerment.

Do you suffer with chronic pain or problems with digestion, blood sugar, inflammation, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, liver health, hormones, weight, headaches, or insomnia? 

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Hi! I'm Liz! I have always had a passion for understanding and experiencing the connection humans have with the earth. Food offers us a decadent, delicious connection. The way good food entices us creates our desire to eat, to nourish!  Nourishment is what our bodies need to thrive, to be graceful and strong, for our brains to be sharp and clear, and for energy to bubble up so we experience joy and connection.  

What a glorious symbiosis. And yet, our culture has very much lost its connection to a regenerative, wholesome food system that heals people and planet. In fact, our food culture is doing just the opposite: harming both people and planet.

This disconnection is discombobulating. It leads people to feel things like stress, guilt and shame around food and their bodies. It leads to avoidance because, well, it's hard to confront things that are hard.

I think it's true that if we can find a way to reconnect to wholesome food, grown in healthy soil, without toxic chemicals, that heals ecosystems rather than kills them, then we can reestablish our joy for food and a more wise and loving and appreciative relationship with our bodies and brains. 

Something's wrong with our food culture, but we can fix it! If you're ready to step joyfully into the solution, let's get to work!

Whether you want to work with me on your health issues as a private client, or you want to organize a retreat together, talk on a podcast, or other collaborations, I look forward to participating with you to heal us people and our precious, glorious, life-giving planet. 

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